Chip Ritter

Chip Ritter
Chip Ritter is a Teacher, Author, Artist, Musician, Performer, Entertainer, and Showman,
Best known for his Stupid Human Tricks on The Late Show with David Letterman!

His career highlights include:

Being on

Becoming A Best Selling Author on Mel Bay Publications

Performing Stick Tricks + Showmanship on The Late Show with David Letterman

Chip Ritter Teaching Stick Tricks + Showmanship on DRUMEO

Viral Video from The NAMM Show 10 million views

Viral Video “When Drumming Becomes Too Easy”
6.7 million views


2007 Stick Tricks DVD – Best Selling DVD

Chip Ritter’s Official Products & Gear Endorsements
Paiste Cymbals, Trick Drums & Pedals, Chip Ritter Signature Drumsticks by Agner,
Aquarian Drumheads, Humes & Berg Drum Cases, Cympad Cymbal Pads, DrumTacs, and
Prentice Practice Pads.

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Chip Ritter - Travis Barker

Chip Ritter - Late Show David Letterman

Derek Roddy - Chip Ritter

Steve Smith - Chip Ritter

Steve Gadd - Chip Ritter

Chip Ritter - Bernhard Castiglioni

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