Chester Thompson
December 11, 1948

Chester Thompson
From Jazz (Weather Report), to Rock (Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention), to Pop (Genesis/Phil Collins) to Gospel (Ron Kenoly), Chester Thompson has surpassed the boundaries of musical genres. Chester's performance and recording experiences have influenced over three decades of music and musicians. Whether playing drum kit or percussion, Chester's masterful subtleties and unyielding time create the firm musical foundation for any musical genre.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Chester started playing in local nightclubs at age 13. He’s not stopped since then and has spent extended periods of time in various musical centers including Los Angeles, CA and London. After a heavy touring schedule in the 1970s, 80s and 1990s, Chester and his family now call Nashville, TN home. Busy with live performances, studio recordings, clinics and writing, Chester's Nashville residence has afforded him more time to invest in students.

On faculty at Belmont University since 1998, Chester teaches Applied Performance lessons and directs a Jazz Ensemble.

Known for his teaching style and zeal for music, Chester is a favorite among students and fellow colleagues. He has released a DVD of a performance at the 2003 Paderborn Drum Festival entitled "On the Fly" and another DVD with Luis Conte, "Drum Talk, El Habla Tabor".

Chester Thompson continues to be a very active session musician and still teaches music at Belmont University in Nashville. To this day, Thompson is highly regarded for his abilities as a versatile drummer and percussionist, which is why so many legendary performers continually seek out his talent.

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The Weather Report Roundtable at Pasic 2007 Columbus, Ohio
Skip Hadden - Ndugu Chancler - Chester Thompson - Alex Acuna
Peter Erskine - Omar Hakim - Host Rick Mattingly

Carl Palmer - Steve Smith - Peter Erskine
Chester Thompson - Dennis Chambers

© Jonathan Piano

Todd Sucherman - Chester Thompson

Chester Thompson - Phil Collins

Three generations:
Ed Thigpen - Ronald Bruner jr. - Chester Thompson

Chester Thompson - Bernhard Castiglioni

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