Bruce Becker

Bruce Becker
Drummer, Producer, Recording Artist and Educator Bruce Becker has steadily made his mark in the world of Music.

Founding member and Drummer behind the David Becker Tribune, Bruce has recorded and co-produced 10 critically acclaimed recordings.

From 1992-1997 Bruce made his home in Europe. Splitting his time between Vienna, Austria and Antwerpen, Belgium, Bruce lent his drumming talents to German Hammond Organ sensation Barbara Dennerlein and Belgian Blues legend Luke Walter Jr.  As a producer, Bruce has also worked with several Los Angeles based Pop artists.

Spanning more than 3 decades as an Educator, Bruce has drawn from his more than thirty year association with Drumming “guru” Freddie Gruber carrying on the torch of a unique approach in getting the student to understand the natural principles of the physical body’s interaction with the drum set.

Bruce’s reputation has interested a vast array of drummers to seek his teachings. The list includes drummers such as, David Garibaldi, Mark Schulman, Daniel Glass, Glen Sobel and Clayton Cameron.

Bruce has performed Master Classes and Workshops in Music Conservatories and Schools in the USA, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, Latvia, Moscow, Argentina, Uruguay and Australia.

Over the years Bruce has had the good fortune to work with an extremely diverse group of people: David Becker Tribune, Mike Stern, Ron Carter, Russell Ferrante, Barbara Dennerlein, John Abercrombie, Peter Bernstein, composer Chris Field, the San Francisco Symphony, producer Ken Caillat (Fleetwood Mac), Sunny Ledfurd, Mark Schulman, and Deborah Henson-Conant.

Bruce continues to divide his time between International touring with the DBT, workshops, studio recordings, live dates and private teaching.

Bruce Becker - Mark Guiliana

Bruce Becker - Benny Greb - Ash Soan

Bruce Becker - The Drumeo Dream Team

Bruce Becker - David Garibaldi - Mark Schulman

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