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Pete was voted #1 BEST LIVE PERCUSSIONIST 2005 in a readers poll of Rhythm magazine & best live percussionist 2005 on international drum site, His website was also voted in the top ten worldwide drum & percussion websites 2005 at Pete's Album, Taiko to Tabla with Joji Hirota was included in top 55 rhythm albums of all time in Songlines magazine, August 2006 . Petes book, Indian rhythms for the drum set was book of 2008 in Dutch drum mag, Slagwerkraant. Award winning musician Pete Lockett is one of the most versatile and prolific percussionists in the World. His percussive skills range from traditional Carnatic and Hindustani music of North and South India to traditional Japanese taiko drumming; from blues, funk and rock to classical, folk and ethnic and fron Arabic to Electronic. Having worked in virtually every field of music conceivable both live and in the studio, his boundless talents have earned him a reputation as one of the most wanted percussionists in the world.

He has also worked extensively in the film industry. Pete arranged and recorded all the ethnic percussion for the recend Hollywood hits, The Incredible Hulk 2, Quantum of Solace, Casino Royale and can also count the three previous bond movies, Die Another Day, Tomorrow Never Dies and The World is Not Enough amongst his credits, along with Hollywood blockbusters, City of Angels (Meg Ryan), The Insider (Al Pacino), Plunkett & Maclean (Robert Carlisle), The Bone Collector, (Denzel
Washington), Amazing Grace, (Albert Finney), The quiet American (Michael Caine), Moulin Rouge, (Nicole Kidman), and the Guy Ritchie film Snatch, as well as TV and advertising credits which are too numerous to mention. He has also recorded in the Indian film industry, most recently in Chennai with AR Rahman on the 2007 blockbuster, SIVAJI, (Rajini Kanth).

Pete Lockett has a number of collaborative projects which are regularly touring: Projects include Kingdom of Rhythm, with Indian master drummer Bickram Ghosh, Taalisman with guitarist, Amit Chatterjee, Parallax Beat Brothers with sound designer Scanner. Their first album featured American trumpet genius Jon Hassell. Other projects include Taiko to Tabla with Japanese drummer Joji Hirota and the ensemble, Network of Sparks featuring Bill Bruford and the Dhol Foundation. There is also the Force of Two featuring Steve Sidelynk (Madonna/Paul Weller/The Verve) and with co written tracks involving Craig Armstrong and Aidrian Sherwood. All Petes albums are available online through most digital sales sites such as itunes.

Pete has five CD releases in India over the 2008 - 2009 period. Pete Lockett has performed to packed houses all over the world including the Edinburgh Festival, Bruges Festival, Rhythm Sticks- London, Drumusique Festival, Kuala Lumpur, Glasgow One World Festival, Pontardawe Festival, Belfast Festival, Guildford Festival, Sufi-Soul Festival, Lahore Pakistan and the Newbury Festival. The Taiko to Tabla show was also broadcast live on the internet from the Edinburgh Festival in.

Pete has also been active with solo shows, including events in Turkey and India. A show recorded in Istanbul was released on CD 2007. The solo shows are multi media affairs with Pete doing visuals himself for the shows. Other collaborative live and recording projects in India include artists as varied as, U Shrinivas, Pandit Shankar Ghosh, Bickram Ghosh, Vikku Vinayakram, Loy Mendosa and many more.

Pete has taught and lectured Worldwide, including The Royal College, The Royal Academy of Music and Guildhall School of Music in London and performances and workshops at the PASIC 99 percussion conference in Columbus, Ohio. Technique articles in drum magazines number over a hundred and include MODERN DRUMMER’ in the US, DRUMMER MAGAZINE and RHYTHM in the UK, Drums SA in South Africa, Drummer mag in the UK and more.. He has also published a series on drum and percussion programming using computers and sound modules for THE MIX magazine in Europe. Petes website is also a valuable source of information for percussionists worldwide and features hundreds of free lessons in video / audio / text and mp3 format. It has been voted website of the month on the BBC in the UK during 2008.

Hakim Ludin - Steve Smith - Pete Lockett - Rhani Krija

Pete Lockett on world percussion, Bill Bruford on drumkit, Simon Limbrick
on classical marimba,vibes, balafon and midi mallets, Nana Tsiboe on congas/djembe
and African percussion, and Johnny Kalsi of the Dhol Foundation on dhol.

Pete Lockett - Steve Smith

Bill Bruford - Pete Lockett

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