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Gregg Bissonette
June 9, 1959
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Gregg Bissonette
Family and music go hand in hand for Gregg, growing up in Detroit, Michigan with his bassist brother Matt & band leader Dad.

Gregg went on to study at North Texas State where he was featured in the famed "One O'clock Jazz Band." After college he soon joined Matt in the Maynard Ferguson Big Band.

By the early `80's Gregg had relocated to Los Angeles where his ability to seamlessly fit into a wide variety of musical situations rapidly established him as a session legend.

Gregg has performed and recorded with an amazing variety of artists including Santana, Joe Satriani, Don Henley, Hans Zimmer, Keiku Matsui, Gino Vannelli, Tania Maria, Brian Wilson, Frank Gambale, Carole King, Robin Zander, Yarborough and Peoples, Andy Summers, Linda Rondstat, Steve Lukather, The Mustard Seeds, David Garfield, Enrique Iglesias, Larry Carlton, Pat Boone's Heavy Metal Big Band, Toto, David Lee Roth, Tribute to Jeff Porcaro, Celine Dion, Steve Vai, and many others.

One of the highlights of his career was being invited to perform with the Buddy Rich Big Band on the Buddy Rich Memorial Concert video/CD project. Gregg has recently cultivated his own solo career with his albums, Gregg Bissonette and Submarine.

Gregg Bissonette's trademark is his powerful, and inspirational drumming, whether as a soloist, sideman, or a band leader.

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Making of the Hudson Music DVD

Gregg Bissonette - Rob Wallis

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Gregg Bissonette on Playing with Ringo
I can't begin to tell you what an honor and thrill it is to play with Ringo! He's not only a musical legend, but an amazingly funny and cool guy to be around. He is also the drummer I've listed to and loved the most for my entire life. My brother Matt and I saw the Beatles in 1966, when I was seven and he was five. They played the Olympia Hockey Arena in our hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

Playing double drums with Ringo is like putting on your favorite and most comfortable slippers...ones that you've worn all of your life. It just feels so right and so natural. His time placement is always perfect, and he never gets in the way of the lead vocal. And when he sings live and plays tambourine, nobody locks in with the drums as well as he does.
To top it all off, on his new CD, Ringo Rama, I think Ringo's drumming sounds better than ever.

Our first gig with Ringo was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and we did a song that Ringo wrote about George Harrison called "Never without You". At the end of the first verse we all sing, "We were brothers through it all....." I looked over at my brother (who is my best friend and my favorite bass player), and then over at Ringo (who is the reason I started playing drums), and tears of joy started to pour out of my eyes! (We also did "With A Little Help From My Friends" on lots of the TV shows.)

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Gregg Bissonette - Gene Krupa

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Vinnie Colaiuta - Gregg Bissonette

Gregg Bissonette - Jeff Porcaro

Antonio Sanchez - Gregg Bissonette - Nate Morton

Gregg Bissonette - Jonathan Moffett - Bernhard Castiglioni

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