Nick Smith

Nick Smith
Nick Smith Born and raised in Los Angeles California has had his dreams set since day 1.

He began expressing his love for music as early as 18 months. He started off as a drummer participating in events like the Guitar Center drum off, play boy jazz festival, and Non profit foundation called Kids helping Kids where you could find him both learning and teaching.

By the time he was 10 he had already done 4 live recordings for Multiple Gospel artist Christa Smith Chawn Smith Tony Magill and The National Sunshine Band Choir. Although they were church related events they all lead to a tremendous growth and maturity level of musicianship.

His life changed after being introduced to reading music by his 6th grade band teacher. By the time he got to High school reading music was a walk in the park and from his hard work and dedication he was blessed to travel to Brazil Barcelona and Cuba with the school jazz band.

Reading music and being apart of the band brought multiple benefits such as working with musical greats like Ricky minor, Jackson Browne, Paul Jackson Jr, The Yellow Jackets, and many more.

After High school he went on to Berklee School of Music for a year. Due to not being able to continue after financial diversions he had to return home to his family. During such a chaotic time of not knowing what was next a door opened that allowed him to sign a publishing deal with Warner Chapel Music.

Now You can find Nick writing songs, singing and creating music. Staying true to his 1st love; he is now Legendary Rapper, Snoop Dogg's drummer!

Nick has been blessed to see and experience a lot and believes that now is a great time to allow insight on what is gearing up for the near future...

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