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Eric Singer
May 12, 1958
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Eric Singer
Although drummer Eric Singer was a member of Kiss for only a few years, he was present for the band's important early-90's 're-focused' period, when the group set their sites on becoming a true heavy metal force once more.

Born Eric Mensinger on May 12, 1958 in Cleveland, Ohio, one of the first rock concerts Eric attended as a teenager was strangely enough, Kiss (when they played Ohio on one of their very first tours with the New York Dolls) and began learning drums around this time. Quickly becoming a powerhouse rock drummer, Eric (who changed his last name to 'Singer'), landed temporary positions with such hard rocking notables as Lita Ford, Gary Moore, Black Sabbath, Badlands, Alice Cooper, and perhaps most importantly, as part of Paul Stanley's 1989 solo tour of the U.S. east coast.

When longtime Kiss drummer Eric Carr was stricken with cancer in 1991 just as sessions were to begin for an album that would prove to be their heaviest in years, Stanley recommended Singer as a fill-in. But when Carr died later in the year, Singer found himself as Kiss' permanent drummer. 1992's Revenge is widely considered by many Kiss fans as one of their best, strongest, and most inspired releases in years - on the strength of such tracks as "Unholy," "Domino," and "I Just Wanna" (which were all popular MTV Headbanger's Ball videos).

In addition to Revenge, Singer appeared on a few other Kiss releases in the 90's - Alive III, Unplugged, and Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions, as well as the home videos X-Treme Close-Up and Konfidential.

But by 1996, Singer found himself without a job when the original Kiss line-up (Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, & Peter Criss) decided to reunite. Undeterred, Eric contributed his drum talents to a slew of tribute albums - Rod Stewart (1997's Forever Mod), Queen (97's Dragon Attack), Ace Frehley (97's Return of the Comet), and Alice Cooper (99's Humanary S tew). He also put together E.S.P. (Eric Singer Project), releasing Lost and Spaced in 1998, which was eventually re-released as a self-titled album a year later - featuring John Corabi on vocals and ex-Kiss bandmate Bruce Kulick on guitar (as well as an uncredited guest appearance by Ace Frehley).

Eric rejoinded KISS 2004!!

In 2009, Singer, along with lead guitarist Tommy Thayer, played and sang on the Kiss album Sonic Boom, the first studio album to feature the new line-up. It included the track "All for the Glory" with vocals by Singer. In October 2012, Kiss released their 20th studio album Monster which includes a track called "All for the Love of Rock & Roll" sung by Singer (written by Stanley)

When not touring with Kiss, Singer performs with Alice Cooper. Singer has been a member of Cooper's band since the release of the album Brutal Planet in 2000. Singer had already performed with Cooper years earlier, during the tour for the album Hey Stoopid. Singer has featured on three Alice Cooper albums to date, namely, Brutal Planet, The Eyes Of Alice Cooper, and Along Came a Spider.

He has also occasionally performed and recorded with his own Eric Singer Project, featuring, among others, his former Kiss bandmate Bruce Kulick and former Mötley Crüe lead singer John Corabi. Three releases have resulted from this collaboration: the studio album Lost And Spaced (1998), consisting completely of covers from classic rock songs; the live album Live In Japan (2006); and the DVD Live At The Marquee (2006).

Singer has also played in the band Avantasia, replacing drummer Alex Holzwarth after a guest performance in the song "Into the Unknown" from the album The Metal Opera Part II. Two EPs and one full album have been released with Singer's performance on the drums: Lost in Space Part I, Lost in Space Part II, and The Scarecrow, and on several songs from The Wicked Symphony and Angel of Babylon.

KISS Line UP 2004
Gene Simmons (vocals, bass) - Paul Stanley (vocals, guitar)
- Eric Singer (drums) - Tommy Thayer (guitar)

John De Christopher - Eric Singer - NAMM 2016

KISS Tour Kit 2004

Eric Singer - Bill Ward

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