Andrew Cyrille
November 10, 1939

Andrew Cyrille
"A great drummer; a fine writer; and a wonderful bandleader; you pass him by at your peril."--The Penguin Guide to Jazz

Andrew Cyrille, born in Brooklyn on November 10, 1939, studied with Philly Joe Jones in 1958 and then spent the first half of the 1960s studying in New York at Juilliard and the Hartnett School of Music. At the same time, he was performing with jazz artists ranging from Mary Lou Williams, Coleman Hawkins, and Illinois Jacquet to Kenny Dorham, Freddie Hubbard, Walt Dickerson, and Rahsaan Roland Kirk, among others. He also played with Nigerian drummer Babtunde Olatunji and worked with dancers. In 1964 he formed what would prove to be an eleven-year association with Cecil Taylor, a gig that brought him new acclaim and established him in the vanguard of jazz drumming.

Starting in 1969, Cyrille played in a number of percussion groups with notable drummers including Kenny Clarke, Milford Graves, Don Moye, Rashied Ali, Daniel Ponce, Michael Carvin, and Vladimir Tarasov. Cyrille formed his group Maono ("feelings") in 1975, with its fluid membership dictated by the forces his compositions called for rather than vice versa. Since leaving Taylor's group, he has also worked with such top-flight peers as David Murray, Muhal Richard Abrams, Mal Waldron, Horace Tapscott, James Newton, and Oliver Lake, was the drummer on Billy Bang's A Tribute to Stuff Smith (Soul Note 121216), notable for being the last studio session of Sun Ra.

An artist-in-residence and teacher at Antioch College (Yellow Springs, Ohio) from 1971 to 1973, Cyrille has also taught at the Graham Windham Home for Children in New York and is currently a faculty member at the New School for Social Research in New York City. His sterling work has earned him a number of grants and awards, mostly notably from Meet the Composer. Additionally, he has an educational video available from Alchemy Pictures.

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1. Message to the Ancestors 0:00
2. Blessing from the Rain Forest 9:54
3. Nagarah 15:59
4. Rejuvenation 19:06
5. The Soul Is the Music 24:18
6. The Substance of the Vision 31:48
7. Call and Response 38:57

Andrew Cyrille: tom tom, gongs, whistles, hand clapping, words, phonetics, tympani, osi drum, cymbals, castanets, temple blocks, agogo bells, chimes, foot rhythms, drum responses with audience

Milford Graves: phonetics, bongos, darabukkeh, whistle, gongs, osi drum, galloping, tympani, cymbals, balafon, agogo bells, bells, tambourine, shekere, African talking drum, mnemonics, antiphonal caller with audience

This album, produced by Andrew Cyrille and Milford Graves, is the result of a working musical association between the two men going back to April of 1969. Since that time the two men have coordinated and performed concert hall engagements, cultural center appearances, and performed a work for NBC Television. It should also be noted that on most of these occasions the efforts and talents of the brilliant drummer, Rasheid Ali, were also incorporated.Acknowledgement should also be made to pianist, composer, Cecil Taylor whose program for the musical arts in New York City during January 1974 - accomplished at Columbia University's Wollman Auditorium, aided in the realization of this recording.

Label: IPS (Institute of Percussive Studies) / IPS ST001 (1974)

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Miya Masaoka with Andrew Cyrille and Reggie Workman

Andrew Cyrille
Oliver Lake - Reggie Workman

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