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Christian Vander
February 21, 1948
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Christian Vander
Christian Vander (born 21 February 1948 in Nogent-sur-Marne, Val-de-Marne) is a French drummer, musician, and founder of the band Magma.

Besides his work with Magma, he has also performed solo, with the Christian Vander Trio and Christian Vander Quartet, and in Offering.

He is known both for his unique songwriting, virtuosic drumming, and shrill falsetto improvisational/scat singing.

His compositions fuse jazz, rock, classical and opera influences, and draw on the work of musicians as diverse as John Coltrane and Carl Orff.

Vander's music is broadly classified as progressive rock, but the style is so unique that it falls under its own category - an idiosyncratic style of music often referred to by fans as Zeuhl (which means "celestial" in Kobaïan, a constructed language devised by Vander and used exclusively by Magma).

There have been several other bands who have incorporated Zeuhl stylings into their compositions, many of which are composed of ex-Magma members. Some of the more notable groups of this variety include Japanese duo Ruins, Magma offshoot Weidorje and Belgian chamber rock outfit Univers Zero.

Most of Vander and Magma's recorded work is still available through Vander's own record label, Seventh Records.

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