Jonathan Mover

Jonathan Mover

Jonathan Mover is a world-renowned professional drummer and percussionist who has recorded and/or performed with a variety of artists including Aretha Franklin, Alice Cooper, The Tubes, Shakira, Fuel, Everlast, Frank Gambale, Joe Satriani and Mick Jagger.

Having appeared on well over 300 recordings, Jonathan now adds the title of “editor-in-chief” of Drumhead, making his career in music about as diverse as they come.

Jonathan also has production and/or engineering credits with Shakira, Fuel and Celine Dion, composition and/or arrangement credits with Marillion, GTR and Joe Satriani, and has released two critically acclaimed solo projects known as einstein won and einstein too.

Adding to this range of musical activities, Jonathan also owns and operates one of Manhattan’s finest state-of-the-art recording studios, Skyline Studios NYC.

Alice Cooper - Jonathan Mover

2007: performing with The Tubes

Masters Place

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Alice Cooper - Jonathan Mover

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