Barriemore Barlow
September 10, 1949

Barriemore Barlow

John Bonham on Barriemore Barlow:
"The greatest Rock Drummer England ever produced"

Barry "Barriemore" Barlow (born 10 September 1949, Birmingham) is best known as the drummer and percussionist for the rock band Jethro Tull from May 1971 to June 1980.

Barriemore, or "Barrie", was a member of the "The Blades", joining in 1963 as a 14 year-old drummer. The band, an ancestral group to Tull, also included Ian Anderson, John Evan and Jeffrey Hammond.

After leaving Tull in 1980, he formed the short-lived "Tandoori Cassette" with Zal Cleminson, Charlie Tumahai, and Ronnie Leahy. Over the years, Barrie has played with Robert Plant, George Harrison, and Jimmy Page.

Barlow has a recording studio, The Doghouse, on his property in Shiplake, Oxfordshire, England.

Barlow is known as a very technical and creative drummer. His drumming on the live album, Bursting Out, is testimony to his creative talents as a drummer.

...and who knows:
after being absent from the drumscene many years as a drummer:
when the right band and gig is around, slightly funky, slightly jazzy:
we hope to see Barriemore on stage again very soon....



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