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Hakim Ludin
May 6, 1955
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Hakim Ludin
Magic sounds and rhythm creations are the trademarks of Hakim Ludin´s artistry. He is both a much sought-after Jazz´n World percussionist and classically trained musician. The master world percussionist studied rhythms virtually from every culture.

Hakim Ludin began his professional career with a classical orchestral education at the conservatory of Karlsruhe in Germany.

He has played in numerous Jazz and avant garde ensembles and composed musical works for several renowned theaters in Germany.

As a leader, he released the acclaimed solo CD "One World Percussion" featuring a highly virtuosic collection of solo pieces reflecting rhythmic traditions from Asia, Africa and the Americas, as well as "Planet Lounge" with Christoph Spendel and Naoki Kenji. He plays in jazz and avantgarde
ensembles and has collaborated with stellar jazz musicians Jonas Hellborg, Jeff Hamilton, Alex Acuna (Weather Report), Luis Conte (Yellow Jackets)and Zappa´s drummer Terry Bozzio.
Ludin has frequently worked as a studio musician for film and television, and can be heard on numerous CDs.

He is furthermore an acclaimed teacher and author of instructionall percussion books, "Flying Congas" (IMP Warner), "Congas & Bongos" and "Percussion" (both Verlag Müller/Burger), which have become standard works for instrumentalists.

· Rhythm Sticks, London Royal Festival Hall 2003
· Documenta 11, Kassel 2002
· Int. Percussion-Festival, Warschau Polen 2002
· Journeés de la Percussion, Paris 2001
· PASIC European Meeting, Sofia 2000
· Jazz Festival, Jyväskylä Finnland 1999

In the field of modern jazz'n'world percussion, Hakim Ludin has established a new level of artistic work and percussive art. His sensitive way of play and his colorful musical pictures are demanded on live stages as well as in recording studios.

If one wants to name Hakim Ludin's art of percussion, it could be called 'lyrical jazz'.

© Heinz Kronberger

© Heinz Kronberger

© Heinz Kronberger

Pitti Hecht - Hakim Ludin

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Hakim Ludin

Hakim Ludin - Bernhard Castiglioni

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