Andy Gillmann

Andy Gillmann

Andy Gillmann, born 1963 in Wiesbaden (Germany), was raised in Düsseldorf .

At the age of 15 he started working with the German Jazzdrummer legend Peter Weiss. Peter was definitely a very important teacher with a big influence and Andy took lessons from him for almost six years. He saw countless of P.Weiss concerts and he was allowed to hang out backstage with the big Jazz cats and smell the scent of professional musicians. At this time every summer Andy would visit the jazz and rock classes given in Remscheidt. In 1987 he started his studies in Arnheim (NL) and, with that, a fantastic and intense time full of music, sessions, extreme practicing, and a lot of musical and personal encounters, that are in part still on-going.

He had two great teachers, Rene Creemers and Joop van Eerven, who inspired and challenged him and whose lessons he looked forward to every week. In these five years of his studies they worked on and developed many subjects, concepts, systems, etc., from which he´s still benefiting as a musician and teacher: chart-playing, transcribing, Basler drums, brush-playing, groove and fill-interpretations, sight-reading, clapping and notation, big band, combo, Latin and fusion ensembles, and hundreds of endless sessions till late into the night.

During his studies he already got his first professional gigs, (Harald Schmidt and Thomas Freitag in the Düsseldorfer Kommödchen, US-Tour with the German Schlager singer Andy Borg and with many local acts from the North Rhine Westphalia area). After his studies in 1991, he moved to Cologne, joined as a teacher the Drummers Institute in Düsseldorf, and published his first workshops in "Drums & Percussion" and started playing countless fusion-, jazz- and popgigs.

1998-2002 Writing of the drumparts for the German musical "Die Schöne und das Biest”. Release of the drummer's teaching guide "Drummers Inspiration“ by Leu-Verlag (in collaboration with Rene Creemers) / Production of the 10-year anniversary CD of the "Drummers Institute“ in collaboration with Jan Rohlfing / Release "Das große Besenbuch“ by Leu Verlag / CD Productions with Impala (X over Jazz) and Toynbeehall (The last song), Katrin Meinhold (Berührt von deinen Worten), Markus Watta (Spiritual), Mireille (Mibebaha)…

2003-2004 Release "TEAMWORK - Duos, Trios & Quarttete für Drumset “ by Leu Verlag / Endorsements with MAPEX Drums and Anatolian Cymbals and RegalTip Sticks & Brushes / Workshops and Clinics: AGP-Event Luxembourg, Teacher Tage Mannheim, Sound and Drumland Berlin, Drummers Institute - Düsseldorf, Drums & more - Austria, Concours – Luxembourg / Release: DVD "Brushes Unlimited” by Leu Verlag

2005-2007 Workshop Tour MAPEX – presenting the Pro M series / Drumfestivals in Brixen, Meran (Italy),  Adams Drumworldfestival in Netherlands and Belgium / recording of the “Robin Hood – das Musical” CD with the “London Symphonic Orchestra” / Release DVD “Top 10 Fills and Licks” by Leu-Verlag  / Interview and making of report in drums & percussion 2/2007 /  drumduo “drumherum” with Raphi Becker Foss

Masters Place

Musikmesse Frankfurt: Andy Gillmann at the Drums & Percussion booth

Musikmesse Frankfurt:
Andy Gillmann & Ulf Stricker

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