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Marcel Bach
April 12, 1974
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Marcel Bach

Marcel started to play the drums in 1981 at the age of seven.

Since 1988, he has played in a large number of bands of different styles, which reflects in the many influences that characterize his way of playing. An academic course at the Conservatory Enschede (Netherlands) gave him the opportunity to further develop his style of playing towards a higher musical and technical level.

The last years have seen the publications of his drum books “Schlagzeug Play-Alongs”, following the 2010 release of “Schlagzeug Training”, a popular title among advanced drummers.

He is also an author for the German drummagazin “Drumheads”.

Marcel currently works as a drum lecturer at the Westphalian Music School in Muenster-Germany and also as a private teacher. Since 2006, he has become involved in the solo drumming scene and has been playing clinics and workshops and has participated in many drum festivals and music fairs in Germany along with Dom Famularo, Benny Greb, Carmine Appice, Will Calhoun, The Drumbassadors, George Kollias and many more.

His solo records, solo live performances, and drum book releases received positive reviews worldwide.

In 2008, Marcel was honored with the 26th German Rock- and Pop Award in the category “best drummer” followed by the 30th and 33rd German Rock and Pop Award in the category “best instrumental soloist” in the years 2012 and 2015.

Marcel is the drummer and founding member of the German postrock band Suntrigger.

© Marco Raemisch

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