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Paco Séry
May 1, 1956
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Paco Séry
Born the 1st of May 1956 at Divo in the Ivory-Coast, Paco Séry has always been fascinated by Drums and remembers the "tom-toms summoning the country man to lunch".

He made his first drums out of wood at the age of 9 - his first bass drum, and all the others drums, too, himself... Later, Paco moved to Abidjan under the name of Paco Solo the youngest and the mascot to "Canne à Sucre" (Club in Abidjan).

7 years with Eddy LOUISS In 1978, Eddy LOUISS meets Paco on the Ivory-Coast. Two years later, he brings him back into his flight-cases and makes him his regular drummer.

2 years with Nina SIMONE followed by the meeting and a European Tour with: Jaco PASTORIUS (1985) "Jaco was playing at the Sunset (a Jazz Club in Paris). He asked me to do a Jam Session . We played real good. I remember one point, Jaco stopped everybody and told me: "But which planet are you coming from, Paco ?"

SIXUN (1985-2007):
Sixun, a french double entendre around six musicians playing as one. Going on twenty years and nine albums and one DVD together, their adept performances and imaginative compositions dignify the term "fusion". They are a perfect representation of the bubbling multicultural life that exists in Paris. The Band is still always alive today......

The New ZAWINUL Syndicate (1995-2007):
After a first contact on Salif KEITA recording session, Joe ZAWINUL call Paco for playing on his album "My People" and he has become his favourite drummer. In 1997 during a great Tour came out a CD "World Tour 97 Live"SONY and a video and he recorded also "Faces and Places" and following the European and Word Tour....

Paco released his first album "Voyages" under Blue Note / EMI in 2000. His music is a mix of groove, afrobeat, funk with the jazz feel providing the ever solid foundation of his music.

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