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Dave Mattacks
March 13, 1948
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Dave Mattacks
Dave Mattacks' ("DM") professional career started in the UK with big bands before joining the influential folk-rock group "Fairport Convention", freelancing extensively throughout his tenure with the band. In March 2000, Dave left the UK and moved to Boston, MA where he continues to enjoy a full career in Music, spanning live and studio work, both as a Musician and Producer.

DM's discography includes 5 CD's with Paul McCartney and various CD's / tours with - among many others - Elton John, George Harrison , Jimmy Page, Everything But The Girl, Mary Chapin Carpenter , Richard Thompson , XTC , Jethro Tull , Joan Armatrading , Brian Eno , George Martin, Susan Tedeschi , Nick Drake and Loudon Wainwright.

DM's early career began as an Apprentice Piano Tuner then he worked at London's "Drum City" Music Shop under Johnnie Richardson. His first professional engagement was with a provincial "Mecca" Big Band which spanned a 3 year period; it included residencies in Belfast, Glasgow and London.

During this time, he played with a variety of Jazz groups throughout the UK which provided the foundation for his continuing affection for the artform.
It was in Autumn of '69, DM joined "Fairport Convention": recording seven LP's with the group (including "Liege & Lief" ) and extensively touring the UK, US, Europe, Antipodes and Japan. He left Fairport in '74 to focus on his freelance career (See "Recording Credits" / "Film work"/ "Tours" etc., ) but re-joined in late '85.

DM successfully combined "Fairport's" schedule with his freelance commitments for 12 years; however he left, finally, in March of '98 and moved to the US in early 2000.

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Bernhard ... hello !
Thank you so much for including me in your site - it's quite something ! Feel free to use the photos from my site for yours - i appreciate the mention/tie-in to my own site ...
Ref Paul McCartney: the sessions were around the same time with Ian - my understanding was that Paul & his producer were looking for something a little different feel-wise .... i've worked with him quite a few times before - so he knew my playing ....
Keep up the great work .....
Fond regards ....
Dave Mattacks

Paul McCartney - Dave Mattacks

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Dave Mattacks - Jack Bruno

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