Eric Fischer

Eric Fischer

Eric Fischer has been playing in the Detroit area with the progressive rock band Space Nelson for the past few years, and more recently with Radar Pilot.

His Buddy Rich tribute DVD’s have earned him accolades from many of the top drummers in the world including Charlie Watts and Dennis Chambers.

Eric was honored to have Mr. Chambers include these DVD’s as part of his drum clinics in 2007.

Eric was interviewed in the April 2010 issue of Modern Drummer about his Buddy Rich project – definitely a career highlight.

In addition to performing live, Eric enjoys continuing to find unique ways to produce drumming videos and worked with the legendary Carl Palmer on the new DVD: Carl Palmer - Drum Solos.

Eric Fischer found a creative and educational way for pay tribute to the incredible Buddy Rich.

Using video of Buddy's Solos, Eric Fischer transcribed the drum parts and then filmed himself playing the Solos.

Enjoy the great work!

download PDF of Buddy Rich
"Trombone Man":
"The Trombone Man Is the Best Man in the Band" is a Tommy Dorsey Orchestra number from the 1941 film "Las Vegas Nights". The film features a young Buddy Rich playing an extended solo near the end of this novelty tune. This footage is one of the earliest examples of Buddy's tremendous technique and soloing style.

I transcribed this solo to study Buddy's technique and musical phrasing and have included footage of Buddy and me performing this piece together. Also included is a MIDI sequence of the solo aligned with the original footage to verify the accuracy of the transcription.

download PDF of Buddy Rich
"Not So Quiet Please":
"Not So Quiet Please" was Buddy Rich's featured number in the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra from 1942 to 1945.

He was also known to play this selection throughout the late 1940's with his own band. In 1948, The Buddy Rich Ochestra filmed a two-reel short for Universal Pictures featuring "Not So Quiet Please".

Singer and drummer Mel Tormé described this 1948 footage in his book "Traps the Drum Wonder - The Life of Buddy Rich," as follows: "His tom-tom work, interacting with the bass drum during this solo, results in one of the most exciting pieces of film ever shot of any musician."


Eric Fischer - Dave Grohl

Eric Fischer - Carl Palmer

Eric Fischer - Dennis Chambers

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