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Gene Hoglan
August 31, 1967
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Gene Hoglan
Eugene (Gene) Victor Hoglan II (born August 31, 1967) is a well-known American heavy metal drummer. He is famous for his technical playing - that is, executing complex patterns on the drums - at extremely high speeds.

In 1984, Hoglan began his music career as a roadie (lights engineer) for the seminal thrash metal band Slayer, where he also played the drummer during the soundcheck. At the end of the same year he was asked to join the thrash metal band Dark Angel as the drummer. He penned most of the lyrics for Dark Angels' next two albums. He achieved greater notoriety during the mid-1990s playing with Death, at the same time that bandleader Chuck Schuldiner was taking that group into a more progressive style. Subsequently, he recorded one album with the thrash metal band Testament, and made the acquaintance of Canadian multi-instrumentalist Devin Townsend, forging a lasting friendship. He has since recorded several albums with Townsend, both as part of the speed/industrial/death metal band Strapping Young Lad and under Devin Townsend's name.

Hoglan is part of a death metal band called Tenet, the brainchild of Strapping Young Lad guitarist Jed Simon. The band has been signed to Century Media Records but has not yet recorded an album.

In 2004, Hoglan stood in for Martin Lopez of the famous progressive death metal band Opeth for the Vancouver, British Columbia show on Opeth's Lamentations tour who was said to be having panic attacks. Opeth's drum tech had filled in for the previous dates on the tour and Martin Lopez rejoined the band for the Seattle, Washington show.

In 2005, Hoglan stood in once again for Martin Lopez for the majority of the Sounds of the Underground Tour when Lopez began having more panic attacks. Hoglan played double duty by playing a set with Strapping Young Lad then later that night performing with Opeth. It was later announced Lopez had a rare blood disorder and was seeking treatment. Hoglan also appears in Opeth's music video "The Grand Conjuration" as they filmed it on the tour while in Los Angeles, California.

Other bands have also recruited Hoglan as a session drummer. He has recorded albums with the Norwegian black metal band Old Man's Child and the Danish death metal band Daemon. Additionally he has done production and engineering work for other albums.

Today, Hoglan spends much of his time with Testament. Since guitarist Eric Peterson writes the music, the drummer simply has to take direction - which he has no problem doing - and then when the band hits the road, Hoglan simply sits behind the kit and provides the necessary thunder and finesse to the band's pummeling melodic thrash.

Gene Hoglan is completely self-taught.


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Strapping Young Lad

Legendary extreme-metal drummer Gene Hoglan (FEAR FACTORY, DETHKLOK, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, TESTAMENT, DEATH, DARK ANGEL) brings forth his long-awaited instructional DVD, "The Atomic Clock". Available on Hoglan Industries in the U.S. and on Reversed Records in Canada, the disc showcases Hoglan's three decades of experience of performing and recording with the world's most well-known metal bands such as DEVIN TOWNSEND, DARK ANGEL, DEATH, DETHKLOK, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, TESTAMENT, ZIMMER'S HOLE, and most recently FEAR FACTORY, along with many others on his resume.

Offering two hours of pure metal drumming fury, Gene shells out his pounding arsenal to drummers and music fans intrigued to understand what makes "The Clock" tick.

Featuring nine full songs from various projects (five from the mighty MECHANISM), plus different improvised solos, in addition to tons of tips and tricks from his personal cache. Watch the Gene fill the screen, sharing his knowledge and putting it to the test.

Hoglan previously stated about "The Atomic Clock", "I am real proud of this thing. A whole lotta love and fun went into the making of it, and I'm real stoked to be bringing it to the public. Those who have seen it have seemed to really enjoy it, and like I've said all along, you don't even have to be a drummer to get a kick out of it, I swear. And to those who have purchased the 'special limited edition' that we've quietly had on sale for the past little bit, I thank you massively. And to those who intend on purchasing the 'real deal' itself, I thank you in advance as well.

"'The Atomic Clock' is two hours of me showing you how I do what I do, without a whole ton of boring, stale rudiments to bog you down. I feature nine full songs (five from the mighty MECHANISM alone) from some of my projects, plus a few different improvised solos, and tons of tips and tricks from my arsenal to help anybody out there become a better drummer. And human being. No, wait a minute, that 'better human being' bit will come from my upcoming 'How to Kick Ass, Motherfucker, like an Ass-Kicking Motherfucker' line of motivational DVDs that are soon to come. Yeah...right.

"But seriously, I am really pumped to launch this thing, I hope all who see it dig it."

© Gene Ambo

© Gene Ambo

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