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Huub Janssen
January 16, 1937 - January 24, 2008
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Huub Janssen
Huub Janssen was introduced to music at the age of four by his father. His father was a street musician and played the accordion; With him he already appeared as a teenager. At 19, Huub Janssen joined Huub Mus's big band. At the age of 20 Janssen played in Ad van de Gein's Cocktail Trio and participated in the TV show Nieuwe Oogst; this was a program for young talents in the Netherlands. Through this appearance, he received a commitment with Tom Manders (Dorus), a comedian known in the Netherlands.

In 1967 he joined the Dutch Swing College Band as a drummer. With this band he recorded about 35 records and CDs. Janssen traveled around the world with the Dutch Swing College Band for 25 years, playing concerts, radio recordings and TV shows. In 1979 he played with the Flashback Quartet, which included in addition to the French vibraphist Dany Doriz the college band colleagues Bob Kaper, Marcel Hendricks and Henk Bosch van Drakestein.

In 1985, Janssen founded the Amazing Jazz Band, whose bandleader he was. The band played predominantly traditional jazz in a cast of between three and seven musicians, who were initially almost entirely members of the Revival Jazz Band. To the orchestra belonged: Cees van den Heuvel (trumpet & vocals), Bas van Gestel (trombone & vocals), Antoine Drums (saxophone), Richard Endlich (banjo), Jos van Bueren (bass), Frans Bouwmeester (bass), Eelco van Velzen (Trombone), Marco Kuipers (clarinet) and other musicians. The regular cast included Cess van den Heuvel, Bas van Gesetel, Richard Endlich and Jos van Bueren. With this band, he released a first album in 1987, followed by Huub Janssen Meets Dick Huis (1990).

Throughout his life, Huub Janssen has played with numerous jazz greats such as Teddy Wilson, Rod Mason, Billy Butterfield, Lillian Boutte, Joe Venuti, Greetje Kauffeld, Chris Barber, Bob Wilber, Peanuts Hucko, Bud Freeman, Scott Hamilton, Ruby Braff, Warren Vaché, Acker Bilk, Milt Jackson, Kenny Ball, Charly Antolini , Gregor Beck and many other jazz musicians. Between 1966 and 2000 he was involved in 146 recordings of CDs and CDs

With the Dutch Swing College Band, Huub was awarded with the Export Award in 1990 and the Special Appreciation Bird Award in 1994.

He received the Duke of Duketown Award in 1993 and was honored on October 12, 2006 for special achievements by the Queen of the Netherlands with the Order of Orange-Nassau.

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