Eric Moore
February 13, 1982

Eric Moore
Guitar Center Drum Off 2003 Champion

Member of Suicidal Tendencies and Infectious Grooves.

Started playing drums at the early age of 18 months old by the age of 4.

Eric was playing for the church full time.

2004 started the Gospel Chops Movement.  Founder of Gospel Chops.

2004 began touring with legandary grammy award winning artist Sly & The Family

2005-2008 began touring with Grammy award winning R&B icon Bobby Brown

2006  to present Chico Debarge , El Debarge, Debarge family

2008 to 2014 Member of  Infectious Grooves

2009 to 2015 Member of Punk rock band Suicidal Tendencies

2011 – recorded album with peers names T.R.A.M.

2013 recorded new album with Suicidal Tendencies

2016: T.R.A.M.

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