Gretsch Catalina Club Mod Snare


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Hello, everyone. I did a search but couldnt find anything on them, so I bring my question to the council. I know a guy thats selling a practically brand new Catalina Club Mod 14x6 red sparkle snare for $80 or best offer. Im willing to pay the 80 bills, but Im gonna try to talk him down to $60. Is this a good deal? How is the quality of the snares? I know they arent really "top end' drums, but Ive been looking for a snare deeper than 5.5 inches to get round off my collection, and Im peaking my budget at no more than $100(not including new heads/wires/whatever it may need) And if I do end up getting this drum, which heads would you recommend? G2 coated and Hazy 300? Maybe 16 strand wires? I want a fat, gut punching low end. Any advice/criticism welcome. Thanks.


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You'd do fine for $80. It's a basic snare. And it's a Gretsch.
BUT befor eyou pull the trigger I'd have look around on the bay where you could maybe find a decent Tama or Pearl 6.5" deep snare for the same price or cheaper, albeit metal. I bought a 10 lug Pearl, with parallel strainer for $60 and it came with two brand new Remo heads.