Are there any high-quality recordings with calf heads?


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I believe Danny Seraphine in the early days of Chicago still used calf heads, and even told Remo that he'd jump on their bandwagon if they could come up with a synthetic head that sounded close to calf, hence why the Fiberskyn was developed (the first version from the 70s was very different to what they produce today). I think Danny said the first two Chicago albums he recorded with calf heads?
Bo beat me to it and he is correct . Both the first two Chicago Albums were done with calfskin heads .


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Calf skin. I understand the first djembe's were some exotic African species that is either extinct or limited population. Being science oriented I've been killing my neighbors cows, goats, sheep, pigs, deer, beaver, bear, cougar, llama, and bison. No worries all ethically extinguished though the owners of said animals may have some issue-but this is for science so they just need to get over it and gladly make the sacrifice. I'll let everyone know of my success. While tanning I"m tattooing the skin so it will have "Art" work. Maybe I should go into business. "I'll Tan Your Hide" or "Beat my hide" something like that. Whatever makes best I'm keeping it secret like the silver sealer-that's half the battle. Now I just need a time machine to prevent the invention of Mylar so Remo won't be the drumhead company people know but Art's "Beat my Hides" the secret is how I tan your hide LOL. Sometimes life imitates Art.