Zildjian A custom alternatives


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Update guys,

I bought the Zildjian S 20 inch thin crash and in the end payed $120 for it and I liked the cymbal.

While surfing on a second hand drum webshop for something I noticed they had a Zildjian A custom 20 inch crash for sale.
I also read on the page that the owner buys used stuff or you can trade.

I asked him if he wanted to trade a 20 inch 2002 Paiste Chinese for the crash and he wanted to trade so as I didn't use the Chinese
anymore I traded it and now I got two 20 inch crashes, the S thin one and the A custom and love both :cool:
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I heard some good things about the Zultans and saw some review sound videos on youtube but i still prefer to hear a cymbal personally and i dont know of any music store in the netherlands that sells zultans. But if one day im in germany i will make a visit to thoman to check things out, its on my bucket list
Zultan is the housebrand of Thomann. Essentially they are cymbals made in Turkey that are branded as Zultan; if you look at Zultan's Q-series and Turkish Cymbals Studio line the similarities are suspiciously the same. Also the stamps (Ride/Crash/Splash) are the same and are the also the same on Mehmet Istanbul and other Turkish made cymbals. Except Zultan is way cheaper and i suspect that Zultan are just the cymbals that don't meet the quality of the other brands and are relabeled as "Zultan".

Having said that... I've been eyeing them for a long time and are interested in them, but i read reviews on Thomann.de that even the Zultan cymbals are fairly thick (even the Dark Matter, Raw and Dune lines). Zultan's 'comparable' line would be the Rock Beat series. And ofcourse the Turkish Cymbals line which is also labeled Rock Beat ;)

Just some extra info since i see you already settled on 2 crashes ;)

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I'm pleased that you like the A Custom crash. I have one and I don't like it, but maybe I'm not using it correctly.

And for me, I'm glad the S series crash worked for you. I bought a set of S series Mastersound hi hats. H A T E D them. They just weren't for me. Sold them off at a loss. But, I have literally no experience with any other S series cymbals.