Your winning lottery ticket and its effect.


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Seriously now..think about it for a minute. How would it affect your drumming. You really want to set up in dive bars playing until 1:15? when you could be sipping maitais on some Hawaiian beach wondering what custom chopper you'd like made from Orange County choppers or what color you want on your 66 corvette stingray?. Think of how busy you'd be buying the world and everything in it..or would you rather be set up in some dive with 60 people yelling to hear Bob Segers old time rock&roll. Lay it on me lottery winner.

C. Dave Run

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I would buy my parents a house and give them $2,000,000. Same with each of my siblings.

I own my home. I would probably rebuild instead of remodel (again).

The only 2 luxury items I've ever really wanted are a Ferrari and a Rolex.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Probably still wouldn't go very excessive.

Mostly I'd just enjoy both the freedom and that I had the finances to make everything I want to do artistically happen.

My mission of making a difference in our music schools wouldn't change. I would simply be able to talk even louder with no risk.

1 hit wonder

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I'd move to the county and build a studio in my home. A home that can't see from the street. Maybe a cave home. Yes, definitely a cave home.

I'd put together a band to tour 300 to 1500 person sized events, which is what I want already.

If I still had a job I'd continue go to work every day and do my job for a period of time just to mess with the minds of the coworkers and to see which lost their minds first.


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I’d put one of these in my new backyard, complete with a gathering area with tables, food/water/waste facilities, sound stage, lights, etc.



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Alleviate the debt of my friends and family. Then a doomsday bunker for when the constant fighting over who is right in the US finally collapses the country and the world order changes.

C. Dave Run

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I’d put one of these in my new backyard, complete with a gathering area with tables, food/water/waste facilities, sound stage, lights, etc.

The video on the main page, that dude is just living in that tube. I love how he just slowly comes into the picture like its no big deal.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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As it is, I do have a health insurance claim going and also working on a lawsuit which should if things were right end up around there, I really don't trust that life will be that fair, though.

I've found the right people and they've said yes, but these things sometimes take a decade to do and they get expensive, which is the obvious irony. Take people to court with money you don't really have.

Jeremy Bender

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I'd go back to school full time at various locations to pursue becoming a truly modern drummer and musician using every resource I could find.

And if I needed a vacation doing this, I'd visit Switzerland.
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I don’t play music because I need to, financially—I play because my soul needs to. If I won the lottery, playing music would look a bit different, though.

I’ve been on the receiving end of somebody’s fortune being used to hire musicians, multiple times now. I would wish to do the same. If I wanted to play a dive bar, I would hire the musicians I wanted to play with (for more than they’re used to getting) and just have fun with it. I’m sure I could pay to get us on some pretty cool stages, too, when I arrange the sweetest tour they’ve ever seen, too!

Also, I would *finally* make my way over to Pennsylvania to have that beer with Larry! 😉


I'd stop doing bar gigs, put a great band together, and do what Gary Sinise does: play for servicemen and women, fundraising events, charities, etc. That would be the primary thing. Otherwise, we'd be a classy 60's tribute act playing performing arts centers, small theaters, large clubs and so forth. No expense would be spared in terms of lighting, sound, costuming, etc. It would be done right.