Your Opinions on The GOAT Guitarists in Rock and Roll!

Alex Lifeson, of course.

My reason?...the pre-outro solo on 'Between The Wheels' off of Grace Under Pressure.(the outro is a solo as well...but I am referring to the double time solo toward the end)

yep....unquestionable. He is also one of the most underrated. And most humble, which is probably why he is underrated

But no one played rhythm like him. No one voiced chords like him, and very few solo'd like him.

my second offering would be EVH as well....

but Alex....damn
I'll throw in a few more: Mark Knopfler, Jeff Beck, Mark Farner, and Eric Clapton [ you gotta love a saying quoted somewhere: At 14 years old, his Grandmother gifted him a Guitar , and The Rest is History]. And here's a surprising entry: Glen Campbell! This is what makes Rock and the associated genres of Rock so great. So many great musicians appealing to the listening public.
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I'll kick off with Alvin Lee with Ten Years After. Notwithstanding the Hall of Fame performance at Woodstock in 1969 (TYA is NOT in the Hall of Fame - or should I say Hall of Shame), the following is a sample of their abilities with Alvin Lee in the centerfold. Alvin has to be in the Top 5 Of All Time Greats. Note, There are no Smoke Machines, No Flashing Light Shows, no Broadway productions, no Arena BS. Just performing Rock and Roll with a "smokin" Gibson !


First names are all thats needed
All others are way behind
Regarding all the legends listed?

Someone, somewhere is sick of all their noodling.

as long as that person is nowhere near me when I am liking the noodling, that is ifne!!!!
EVH for me. Sure there’s faster shredders but nobody could pull out the sounds like him. Way beyond Hendrix.
There wouldn't be a EVH with Jimi.
I don’t know about GOAT but Dimebag and Tom Morello were the ones I was in awe of during my teen years. GOAT has got to be Jimi IMO.