Your next planned purchase

Darth Vater

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Hey Forrummites
What is your next planned purchase ? Drum set ? Cymbals ? Snare drum ? Come on feed up inquiring minds want to know !!

For me personally I am going back and forth between some 602 thin crashes in 17” and 19” or a Sonor Phonic reissue snare with Rosewood veneer in and out .
I have that snare RickP. It's not only my go-to snare but in my entire 50+ years of drumming it's my favorite snare I've ever owned. Worth every penny.


15" Paiste 2002 sound edge hats. I currently have the 14's and they're a little too "crispy" for me. Probably keep them for aux hats though.


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I want to get myself a solid gigging kit. Ideally like 12-14" x 20" bass, 12' tom, 16 floor. I want a kit I can feel at home behind, with a rich dynamic sound range. Did a gig with my vdrums, wont be doing that again. I need to figure something out. Im dreading it tho.


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Well, I don't really need anything at the moment, but I always have some plans... I do want to get some Meinl Classics Custom Dark cymbals, mainly a 18" crash and china, as I feel they would fit in my setup with a slightly different sound, and they are so inexpensive compared to what you get in terms of nice sounding cymbals.

It's also a possibility that I could need a new kit as well, since one of my two bands plan on moving rehearsal spaces (right now both my bands are using the same place). Might go cheap and used, but it has to be Export/Stage Custom level at least, anything of lesser quality I would probably want to switch it out down the road, been to used with higher end drums....