Your favorite drumshop.


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My 3 favorites:

- From the past, Medley Music, outside of Philly. While not a "drums only" shop, the drum shop was great. Used to hang there, had friends and teachers that worked there at various times and they always offered a deal without anyone even asking. Just the true definition of mom and pop. Plus, it was 15 minutes from my house, which was both good and bad. My parents bought my first ever pro kit there- DW Short Stack kit in White Marine Pearl. I remember Chris (employee there), trying to convince me to get this kit by Ayotte with wood hoops. I really loved that DW, and when I arrived at North Texas, it seemed like everyone had that same Ayotte kit. Go figure. I bought an old Premier kit 18/12/14 and refinished it and used it as my jazz kit when in college at Temple. I also bought my first pro kit that I really miss to this day- Tama Starclassic Maple in Gold Sunburst. 20/10/13/15. I eventually added a 12 and 14. I regret selling that kit. And I miss that shop.

- Current: Dales Drum Shop in Harrisburg. Only about an hour west of me, and have not been there since pre-covid, but Rej and the crew there are simply fantastic to deal with. I really enjoy the drive up there and usually go with my father, so it is extra special. They show a genuine interest in who you are. Rej actually called me once to tell me about a kit that they got used and he was like "You need this kit, I'll hold it for you". He was right. I had told him I wanted a shallow bass drum due to tight stages I was having with my wedding band. This was a DW Frequent Flyer. I mentioned it to him 6-8 months prior and he remembered.

- Out of state, Nelson Drum Shop. Top class vintage stuff, friendly people and just a hang like no other. I actually scheduled a work trip a day earlier back in January just to make it over to the shop.

Shout out to Junk Rock Drums, owned by a friend of mine here in PA, West Chester specifically. He is about 10 minutes from me and a great drummer and wonderful little shop.


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Daves Drums Ottawa .

I've known Dave since he started at Songbird Music as a teenager back in the mid eighties . Decent drummer himself and a sharp businessman who knows the industry and products inside out . If you play it straight with him he'll treat you fairly .He's expanded floor space and inventory ten times what he started out with ( Ludwig and DW certified dealer). Ships worldwide .Good selection of vintage orphans , bins of miscellaneous lugs and parts and if you're lucky, access to the " back room " - an Aladdin's cave of treasures for geeks like me .
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Used to be Drums In The Wind. Sweetwater now. Ashe Davidson is my rep.

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Then if I'm buying something not used it's DCP or Memphis Drum Shop


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One thing I value from a drumshop is their communication with email. I'm 'interacting' with two separate places right now, one has not responded yet (been +24 hours) and other one it's been several emails I sent for the same question and the only response I get it is their crappy advertisements, WTF? I don't usually use these shops but they have something selective that I need service for.

I'll give credit to DCP, my correspondence recently was excellent, certainly improved since their message system was hit and miss for me in the past. And I could name other good ones too. I always communicate for my reverb sales, I think people appreciate because I appreciate as well...even when I'm busy, I just say 'hey, I got your message' just to know someone is listening. With no response, it reminds me of chess games where the opponent will run the clock on a game they were losing as final FU because they are big baby, just terrible manners. Rant end.


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When I first started in 70s-80s there was a shop called Mars Music in Elkton MD. They would give shirts with a cartoon long hair hippie playing keyboards and across the top it'd say " MY EQUIPMENT COMES FROM MARS"


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So far my favorite Drum Shop is "The Drum Center of Portsmouth"... hands down!


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I travel throughout the States quite a bit, and always make it a point to stop by any music store that comes across. GC has been the same for decades, the "is what it is" of music retailers. Sometimes I need a place like that. Sam Ash are the ones who have disappointed me lately. A lot of them have the new and used stuff all mixed up and even like, just thrown around in the floors or wherever.

For a specialized store, Fork's in Nashville is my favorite. A friendly staff and amazing stock at good prices. Drum Center of Portsmouth, too.

I've been to the Professional Drum Shop in Hollywood a large number of times, great place where I've bought all kinds of say, small stuff: books, practice pads, brushes, bass drum patches and pedal springs, a cowbell holder, a cymbal sizzler, vintage Ludwig bass drum spurs, DW pedal connection bar... never got much more than a "hi" and "and there you go" from either Stan or Jerry - EXCEPT for one time a few months back, when I asked one of them information on a very, VERY pricey boutique 4 pc. kit. All of a sudden, he was incredibly interested in talking to me! I was there two weeks ago to get a fresh copy of a Wilcoxon book. He saw me come in and said "hi".
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Star City Drum Shop in Roanoke. They manage to have all the necessary stuff (sticks and heads), accessories like shakers and Latin instruments, as well as new and used snares and cymbals. Their cymbal selection is amazing, I wish I had the variety of gigs to justify buying more cymbals from them. And it’s 5 minutes from my house. I also play gigs sometimes with the owner Rob, he’s had a music/drum store there for 25 years.

Honorable mention to 2112 Percussion in Raleigh, I bought my first cymbals there in 1997 when I lived in Mebane. They still have great service and a crazy good selection of new and used kits and snares.
I grew up in southern UK, so my local shop was always Drumwright which sadly closed down in 2016. Since then, Graham Russell Drums is my shop of choice and I try to buy from there whenever I can. Great shop, well stocked, friendly staff - definitely recommend checking it out if you're in that part of the UK.


Others have beat me to it, but as a New Englander, it's definitely the Drum Center of Portsmouth, NH. They have two floors of high-end gear as well as a museum room. It's about an hour and a half from me, but when I need to hear what I'm buying in person (I love Sweetwater, but nothing beats picking out your sound in person), it's simply the best.


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For 35 years, it was Skins ‘n Tins. They closed December, 2019, to spend time with family/grandkids.

⬆️ Brian Hitt of REO Speedwagon (the band was founded in Champaign)


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DUB's Drum Basement in Dublin, CA - Near SF.

I basically try to buy everything from them because good people who cater to drummers are rare and deserve support if I like the service!