You triggered a "Oops! We ran into some problems."? Please read this.


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Dear users,

after switching over to a new server running a pile of security layers now, some of you triggered the error message "Oops! We ran into some problems.". This is caused by one of the security layers, blocking known attacks and injections based on a huge set of rules. These rules are very strict since I'm not willing to go through all of this again if it can be prevented. And - as always in the digital world - more security comes with less comfort.

If this error is triggered, I have to be able to reproduce it in order to connect with the support, monitor the logs, trigger the problem, see which rule hits in and make it fit to this particular forum system. This means that there are problems which can't be triggered by testing through all the features the forum offers (as I already did) but which hit in more or less randomly.

I'm really sorry for that! It wasn't an issue on the old server, since all those security layers were disabled for better usability and less configuration. The result is legend.

If you encounter this error

Please hit me up via private communication (to not hijack all those threads) and explain what you did to trigger it so I'm able to reproduce. I'll do my best to fix it asap and will let you know about the outcome.

Thank you very much for your patience and your support in this!
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Thank you!


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I bet because I kept re-editing one post trying to describe something it took it as someone trying to enter through a keyhole. What butthole goes looking through keyholes. Keyholes happen to cymbals and thus this thread directly linked to drumming. It's like My Big Fat Greek Wedding when Dad had the root to every word was "Greek". And so goes the world of DW-it's all about drumming. Which comes from the Heads-so it's all in our Heads which parts are vibrating just like our vocal cords or when you playing real fast your tendons are viscoelastic so act as spring in muscle motion so it's oscillating too. Then in our cerebellum with motor coordination and in memory of higher centers of brain we have oscillating circuits. All oscillating and vibrating and probably we are similar in one way like tuning forks -we all resonate with "drums". We have a Collective Drum Consciousness.
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