Yamaha DTX - Issue with the module (The sensitivity of the snare is too low)


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Hi there,
I have 2 yamaha drum sets, 1 dtx502 series and dtx500 series. And the sensitivity of the snare of dtx500 is too low. I read a manual and pressed "SHIFT+DRUM KIT" and set up the gain to 99(max) and MVI to 65 (20 MVI is loud enough for other pads) but it's not sensitive. When i strongly hit it, it produces sound but doesn't make any sound if i hit it normally. This is not the issue with the snare pad or cable (It works very fine when i connect it to dtx502). Another suspect was the problem with snare input. So i connected cables for both Tom1 and snare to Tom1 input with Y-Stereo-cable. And strangely only the snare still doesn't work well. I've done the factory reset and nothing changed. Can i get any help?? Thanks!
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