Yamaha And Bosphorus

Captain Bash

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That is a nice drum set. Peace and goodwill.
Thanks for the kind response,

This combination has taken a while to get right as the music I now play is heavily Fender Rhodes/Horner Clavinet D6 driven, the frequencies are very different from a guitar band or sampler/electronic music I used to play. The big Bosphorus cymbals are all Stanton Moore’s line (except the 18” crash which as an EBC) aren’t dark and washy, wobbly thin, like a true jazzers cymbal but they aren’t bright n brittle like a rock cymbal either, I got them all off eBay (unheard) and they have character without being annoying or too loud. I like my cymbals to sit right within the music not dance over it.....

The Dunnett (eBay again) with the unusual finish is just a great drum; the shell, strainer, lugs all work in unison. I really like it’s look, like something ancient and weirdly self assured - it says “I can deliver, whatever you play, good or bad”. The Yamaha Maple Custom Absolutes are just the easiest kits to gig with, set up and tear down, they never detune even when left in the garage between weekends.