Working on double bass


What do you guys think of the lessons in this video? I've been implementing the 30 minutes a day advice. I put on 150-160 bpm track and do 8ths with single foot alternating and 16ths for as long as I can go before fumbling. I've gotten up to 5 minute streches doing 16ths, but my muscles get tired fast if I up the tempo to 170-180.



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You should check out The Encyclopedia of Double Bass Drumming by Bobby Rondinelli and Michael Lauren. I don't have it but I also haven't been playing drums in decades. But I'm working to get back into it and plan to pick it up. It's supposed to be THE double bass drum book. I used to take lessons from Mike Lauren way back when I was a teen. That was in the late 70's. He knew his stuff.


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I just recently (in the last 10 years) started working on double bass seriously, and so far, what I found was the trickiest thing was sifting through the many different technique ideas to find one that suited me.

In the past 5 years, I have settled on a heel up, floating foot kind of thing, and then just do what you do, where you pick a tempo range, and work on endurance within the range. You are at a much faster tempo range than I am right now, but my range is getting better.

Growing up, I totally lived in the world of fast playing, but was concentrating on getting my prog/odd time sig chops going when every one else was blasting speed. I was playing to Fates Warning while every one else was playing to Slayer...I feel like I need to catch up now


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Great video. Good advice from start to finish in my opinion.
I especially like "it's better to spend more time at a slower tempo than to play fast for a shorter period of time". This is so true.
I view gaining speed like unlocking doors. You can bash on the door all you want but to actually get through you have to unlock it. And the "key" to unlocking 240 BPM is 180 BPM.