Wooden Drumheads

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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They're not meant to replace normal heads per se. They make your kit into a bunch of cajons.


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Makes sense. I also read that you can just put them on the the reso side to act as a mute. It's an interesting concept, but I really question the uses for it. But it's just so bizarre I might have to get some.

Hollywood Jim

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I like that index snare they made. It is basically a cajon that sits where your snare goes. Could be handy to swap out your snare for a cajon on a few songs.


Odd-Arne Oseberg

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On a snare it could be cool, but why not get their snare? I might get a 14 just to try on my poc Catalina snare, which I never use anyway.

There's a use for sounds like that, but yeah, a real cajon or two and a pedal and you're there.

Now kongaroo hide heads on the other hand sound interesting.


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My first fears are for the bearing edges and pieces of wood mashed against them, but I think they're a fun idea, and for those bluegrass accompaniments where you can be a creative tag-along without covering up the chop.
They sound really cool with those scarecrow sticks.

Those stomp boxes however, are really cool and I can think of a lot of cool uses for them – but you gotta make yer own.
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I don't mind the sound on the snare for certain applications, but yea I agree the rest of the drums are not all that great sounding...


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I can see something like this for a bass drum as it adds a more "natural" damping on the sound, but for all other heads on the kit, forget it. Stick articulation is gone. Rolls? Yeah... not happening. But the staccato "thud" of the bass drum sounds pretty cool. Maybe just as a "reso head" on the bass drum?


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There's nothing wrong with a good fun idea put into use for percussive effect.

A cajon however, is an abomination. A box with a hair pick and a hole.
Don't go thinking they sound good. You could sit on a comb on top of a porta potty and get the same sound.


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Side Note:

I have a 14" x 5.5" Pearl Export Snare & 14" x 14" Pearl Export Floor Tom.
Paired with Zildjian S 16" Thin Crash, LP Matador Whiskey Barrel Tumba Cajon.
I play with Schlagwerk BRC Cajon Brush #5, Sonor SP 473 Bass Drum Pedal paired with Schlagwerk BE35 Cajon Beater for CAP100,
Add a wedge shaped door stop for sliding under your cajon to keep the reverse Kick Pedal from dislocating itself & you have a man portable drum kit.
On boh Pearl drums I use Remo Emperor Clear Reso Heads & 14" Woodhead Drumfell made by Cajon-Direkt Percussion Manufaktur.
I live in Germany & Lion King is not retailed here, so the price point with shipping, plus customs is highly prohibitive!


I LOVE wood drum heads, they are perfect for playing live, nice & quiet with alot of feel, cust through clear without being overpowering.
Mike them up & you have a world beater for any large venue you desire.
Plus, when you are practicing, no more disarming talks with your neighbors, or ruffled up children at home, when trying to get some me time during bedtime hours...


If you know how to tune a drum to get the best out of your drum heads & know how to set up the rest of yoir kit,
(( rubbish in = rubbish out ))
nothing surpasses a wood drum head, unless you are a traditional head banger!

No disrespect intended...