Wolfmother: Your thoughts?

I'm ridiculously let down that they broke up...i'm all for keeping original members and the magic that those guys made...tis' a shame they only got one album out. Also, Myles Heskett...ham fisted throwback drummer or steeped in rock tradition? lol
i love his feel/groove....like a triplet vibe or something playing off the riff. akin to, but not exactly, brad wilks triplet feel. would you say myles' playing was rudimental or just a worked out riff?


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friend of mine coined the name ''ped[estrian] zeppelin'' - i couldn't shake how funny and accurate it may well be
Indeed. If plagiarism is the ultimate form of flattery, Zepp. has been honored by the rock community "to the extreme". Kingdom Come being one of the most obvious (from the 80's) that I remember. So with the Zepp. sound being cloned now for almost 4 decades, doesn't surprise my that WM lasted 1 album. Hey, I think they got 1 song on Guitar Hero. Might be enough for them to all retire right there.