Who here plays ash drums?

New to the forum... I just got a used Dios Ash kit. The only drum I have tuned so far is the kick but I am pleased with it. Great punch and volume but not warm like maple. I think this will be a loud kit for sure. I did mess around with the snare some and while it is ok, it's not what I expected. Not much character, dry and not much overtone, kinda flat sounding... but loud. Maybe another head type??? It will have it's time and place one day but it is not nearly dynamic as my Yamaha tour custom.


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My buddy has a set of the canopus ash drums - beautiful kit.

Powerful but warm - light due to the thinner shells with a nice amount of attack and resonance.

Honestly a great kit to play - and the 20" kick sounds and feels like a 22" - wildly good bass drum.


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I owned a 7” N&C Ash SS snare - a truly beautiful snare visually . I could never get I. With how it sounded . I found it thin sounding , almost delicate compared to some of my other N&C snares . Really too bad as it was one of the most beautiful grains I had ever seen .