Which to tune low, Which to tune medium to high


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Hi All, I have two snares, a Brady Jarrah Ply 6 1/2 x14 and a Yamaha Recording Custom Brass 6 1/2 x 14. I want to tune one low and one medium high. Can I have opinions on which one would be better tuned low and which one would be better tuned medium high and the reasoning behind your view. If in your view it doesn't matter, let me know as well. Many Thanks


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In my view you should use your ears to tune them to the way you like. Those are such quality snares you could experiment for days.
As a very general rule, my ears always prefer wood on the low side and metal snares on the high side.


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Thanks OT. I mucked around for a couple of hours the other day tuning both up and down. Both sounded good tuned up . I had a hunch , like you , that the Brady, being wood would be the one that I would like low out of the two. But surprisingly, the brass Yamaha was the one I liked the best tuned low out of the two. .Both had the same reso's and similar batters. Who knows? Ear of the beholder probably.


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Why not just tune all three low, then medium, then high and note which you like best at the different tunings?


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Choosing between those 2 snares is the drummers equivalent of a 1st world problem :)

Do you use both of them on the kit at the same time?

Ask someone to see which sounds better from out front. If you're recording you can A-B that way. If you have a tuner that saves settings that makes life easier too.

You may encounter the situation where you're in a room where roles are reversed and one works better than the other in different tunings.


I've owned a few Brady snares in my time and felt that they sounded best tuned higher but I was also able to get some nice low end out of them too. With brass, I like them tuned high with coated single-ply heads but use coated Controlled Sound for the lower, fat tunings. Either way, you have great snare to work with.
Which tuning is going to be your main sound? Pick the one that sounds best at this tuning and make the other your side snare in the alternate tuning. My main snare is the most important to me. My side snares are tuned way high or really low for effect.