Which maple snare complements my Acrolite?


I love my Acro, but I'd like to get a wood snare too - something warmer, and I really like the sound of maple snares. Ideally, these two snares will be the only ones I need (for rock, funk, disco, country, and now jazz).

My budget is around $200, and I have no problem buying used (actually I prefer it). What do you recommend?



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If you can keep an eagle eye on eBay sales, try to get a maple 5 x14 or 6 x14 Pork Pie. Not the Lil Squealers but regular Pork Pie snares. I have (2) maple Pork Pies and both sound great although both are 13" drums.

I say keep an eagle eye as these drums can go for anywhere from $175-$300. I bought both of my drums for under $200 with the 5 x 13 (my most consistently good sounding snare) being much under that. This was due to a seller's desire to rid himself quickly of the drum with a low BIN and frankly just not knowing what he had. I've seen deals on the 5 x14 that I almost went for - but I'm a bit snare drum rich right now. :)

I don't have any experience with the Ludwig Jazz Festivals or Pioneers. I did just win a '68 Acrolite on eBay which of course, as the OP knows himself, sounds great. I'm thinking the Jazz festival would be a good bet as well.

Good hunting.