which is the fastest popular song, you enjoy playing on drums?


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which is the fastest popular song, you enjoy playing on drums often?

when i say popular it can be rock/metal too just a well known band

Most of the "well-known band" songs I do are in my classic rock cover band that plays at wineries in the summer. As a result nothing can be too fast, or folks will stop dancing. Probably our fastest song is Huey Lewis's "Working for a Living" at 157 bpm (although we probably nudge up a bit to 160-165).

The alt-metal originals band I just left had a few songs that were technically 100-110 bpm but had multiple doubletime sections which made their effective tempo 200-220.

My alt-indie-Latin-rock-punk-whatever band has a song that pushes 200 bpm. It's a fast, angry punk song.
Probably the fastest somg we have in our repotoire these days is We Got The Beat, which we throw into a medley of other stuff. I just might be playing it a little faster than the original, too 😉 tho I haven't measured it.
I used to put a Soka groove on Ghost Riders that gave it a healthy skip and pop .

We played this one about a third faster than the recording below , sometimes faster , depending on the crowd .

"Walking On Sunshine" by Katrina & The Waves is one.

(it'll brake your wrist
that's Jake Hanna above
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Sometimes me and some of the old boys get that Mojo Workin' up to a pretty good clip
It's not a super fast song, but Dire Straits 'Walk Of Life' features about four minutes of unrelenting fast 16's on hi-hat. I used to play it as fast as I could and that seemed about the right tempo for Mark. You see a lot of people playing it two handed (wrongly) or ducking out and playing 8's on hi-hat.
Never fully and properly executed in its entirety, and thus, always fun to take a stab at
(especially since a lot of the really wicked stuff IS overdubbed!)
"No Time This Time" The Police, Regatta de Blanc, Stewart Copeland. Thank You! 🫡
@georgeusa ........I used to play "How Far We've Come" riding on the floor tom for the whole dang song.

I dunno why, I just felt it needed that depth to it.

All I remember is my right arm feeling like a tree trunk by the end of the show.

I was always worried that me right arm looked like Arnie and me left arm lookin' like a toothpick rammed into a potato.
Runnin Down a Dream, Rock and Roll by Zep. King of the Hill theme song back in the day.
I do 16ths on the hat on Running Down a Dream, then 8ths on the ride to rest. Both bands I've recently played it with suddenly decide it's 1 of their favorite arse kicking songs.