Which headphones do you use to practice?


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I have the Shure SE 215 in-ears for playing along mp3‘s. They are also my back-up stage in-ears. Good noise cancellation.


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Hi Atl MM. Take a look at Vic Firth's Isolation Stereo Headphones. I have had mine for about ten years now and still sound as good as the first day I received them.
An alternate take - I've gone through three pairs of VF headphones. I am 6'3", I'm not a giant but larger than an average human. The band connecting the cans is too small for my head and broke on me several times as I continually struggle to get them to sit on my ears. So, if you're a large person, they might not work for you.

I got some custom-molded IEM's last year and they work great. Not cheap, of course, and they are kind of a pain to put in, but once they're in and sealed, they cut a lot of dB. For practicing without a click/music, I just put on some 3M ear protectors that I got at Home Depot. For gigs without a monitor feed I just use foam earplugs.


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if you want universal fit IEMs, looks into the KZ AS10s, i use them and theyre WAYYYY louder than most other universal IEMs, and theyre fairly isolating as well :)