Where do you live / where have you lived?

In the southern parts of Sweden in a little town called Växjö. A quiet, comfortable and very relaxed place.

I`m beginning to get more and more bored and I`m dreaming of living in the U.S and travel around the world a lot.

My advice would be to wait it out until we get better economic growth rates. Unless you plan on living in the boonies that is;)

But I live in two different parts of Louisiana( my parents were divorced and my dad lives in north Louisiana, my mom in south) and I wouldn't trade my lifestyle with anybody! It so chill, we have the best food I'm America, and Zebra started here!
I live in a suburb of Boston, Mass. For 2 years in the mid-90's I lived on Hilton Head Island, SC. Hilton Head was great and I love that area. Savannah, GA is close by which is a beautiful old southern city. My favorite city down there is Charleston, SC. If you ever get the chance, you've got to go. That's one great town.

I love living in the Boston area. I loved the weather in SC but I have to admit I missed the changing of the seasons.
Born and lived in Greenville, SC my entire life. I like it. There is a nice mixture of city/rura areas here. I don't like huge cities, and don't like purely country/mountain places either.
I live in Bromma, Sweden. I've lived in Stockholm my whole life. Planning to attend music college in Skåne, Sweden in a few years. After that I might move to the States.

No, I'm not fully educated yet. I'm 17.
Currently live in Riverside, California for the past 25 years. Started my journey in Philadelphia, PA. In between I have resided in small/medium sized cities in Pennsylvania, and Ohio. I was stationed in northern California when I was in the Navy.
I live in east Tennessee. A small down, perfectly between Knoxville and Chattanooga. I visit both cities very frequently to do a little shopping with my family. As far as location, it's the perfect place - we live just about right in town, and we're within easy walking distance of most things we could need, including hospital.

In the past, I've lived in eastern Kentucky (NEVER live there, unless you're retired. No work, no music... Dead. Beautiful country though)

And I've lived in Atlanta, Georgia. I disliked it because it was so crowded. Everything was busy. It felt like we could leave super early in the morning, and not get home until dark, and still get nothing done.
I live in St Petersburg, Russia) in this country drummers have no opportunities to become a world famous person
I live in St Petersburg, Russia) in this country drummers have no opportunities to become a world famous person

...there will always be opportunities if you work hard and take chances

Originally from Minnesota, moved around for twenty plus years in the Army.....settled in Georgia...................for now
Pflugerville, TX (p is silent)

Originally, Inglewood, CA then Cypress, CA. Uncle Sam's Army in Ft. Ord, CA, then to Austin, TX where my mother lived. Went to school there, met my wife who is from Flippin, AR, yes Flippin, and it is beautiful in the middle of the Ozarks. Ranger Boats are manufactured there. We spent 3 years there where my daughter was born, and then we returned to Austin where my son was born. Another 2 years in Corona CA, just to prove I left CA years earlier for so many reasons and then back to Austin and then Pflugerville for almost 9 years now.

Get to CA if you can; lovely scenery and climate away from the smog and crowds. AR is very nice too. "I was not born in Texas, but got here as quick as I could!"

Currently live in Plymouth, England. I grew up in Wigan in the Northwest of the UK. I've also lived in Scotland, Eire and the USA.
Originally from the central portion NC I've lived in several places in NC and oncefor a while in VA. But for the past 20+ years I've lived in a small city outside of Osaka, the second largest city in Japan.
Born 1973 in Kazakhstan (at that time part of the former Soviet Union), moved to Germany in 1979 and have been living here ever since (state: Rhineland-Palatinate, city: Germersheim - right along the river Rhine, close to the French border). German origin so we simply immigrated into our homeland as soon as the Soviet authorities allowed it.
I've done a little moving around, but all in the States.

Born in Southeast Texas
Military Service took me to South Carolina, New York State and Virginia
Then to Wyoming and California, Colorado, Arizona, Louisiana, and then back home to Texas
I was born and grew up mostly in Norton, a village part of Stockton-on-Tees in the UK. After an unfortunate divorce of my parents, I ended up living in many places, including: North Yorkshire (a small village near Northallerton), Cumbria (Kendal), and Lancashire (Preston). I moved back to Stockton in 2010 after starting a new job there... I still work there today. I'm not really planning to move anywhere in the future... can't afford it anyway. ;P

I know this is a bit off-topic, but.... countries/islands I have visited are: Scotland (Ayr), Isle of Wight, Italy (Rome), Poland (Katowice, Czeladz, Bedzin, Czestochowa, and Wroclaw), Slovakia (Trencin), and The Netherlands (not Amsterdam ;)).
Hopefully this year, me and my uncle are going to visit China and Nepal... a holiday of a lifetime. (Fingers crossed.)