Where do you live / where have you lived?


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Born in Chertsey, Surrey, England. Lived in Woking, Surrey until I was 11. Moved to Corby, Northamptonshire, England and lived there till 18, then moved to Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England for a year and a half. Now back in Corby.



I live in London, UK, but I'm from Austria originally. Moved over here 9 years ago, haven't looked back :)

Austria is amazing, don't get me wrong. It's just simply too boring (at least for me). I do miss the mountains and nature, but England has some amazing landscapes, and all that celtic heritage.


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I was born in Geraldton, Western Australia....one of the windiest places on earth. They hold a ot of windsurfing championships there.

I moved to Perth, Western Australia in 1996. Perth is the capital city of W.A, about 1.4 million people.

Western Australia is the largest state in the world. It is one of the most sparsely populated places in the world for its size.

I lived in Sydney for a few years over east.


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Born at Eglin AFB Florida
Family moved to Houston when I was an infant
Parents divorced, mother married a farmer in a small south Texas town called Woodsboro
Went through elementary to high school there and worked on stepfathers farm in summers
I then moved to Houston
Back to south Texas
Then San Antonio for many years
Corpus Christi for 5 years
Austin for last 20 years
Dallas for 6 months after San Antonio

I thought of moving somewhere out of Texas many times but I think working 6000 acres of farmland every summer starting at 12yo permanently put my roots in Texas. I think about that farm a lot and September before last, scattered by brothers ashes there. That's where I'll go too one day....hopefully not this week though, I'm busy.

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I live in Somerset, England.
Studied Sound Technology at the Cardiff School of Creative and Cultural Industries in Wales for 4 years.
Live back in Somerset England again, now!


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I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I've lived here ever since I was 7 years old in 1997, and was born in South Africa. Recently I've lived in Calgary, AB, Canada for roughly 6 months but am now back in Auckland


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Born and brought up in Aberdeen Scotland moved to a small town called Ellon 15 miles North of Aberdeen 20 years ago.


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I live in Lisbon, Portugal. but I need to say, I spend my life between Lisbon and Açores (Azores), on Terceira island - lots of americans there.


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Originally from the Principality of Liechtenstein.
Currently residing (and playing the drums/cymbals) in Bangkok (Thailand).

from Liechenstein to Thailand? o_O what a move...

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Born and grew up in Birmingham (England). Then lived in London, Bradford, Blackpool, then back to Bradford. Moving to Sheffield very soon

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I lived in Switzerland, England and Ireland, I currently live in France and I'm planning to move to the UK very soon... :)