Where do you live / where have you lived?

Hi Pete here. In order
Born Melbourne Australia
Gold Coast
Now Gold Coast
Then headin back to Melbourne
A town close to Buffalo New York in what else but America!
Buffalo is a place where you eat genetically altered steroid injected chicken wings! Mmmm tasty!
Oh and if you go into Lake Ontario. Don't expect to still have hair when you get out.
Born in Denver, CO.

Lived in Johnson City, TN (5 years), North Platte, NE (13 years).

Lived everywhere from San Diego, CA to Pensacola, FL, Jacksonville, NC and even Iraq for a while.

I'm living in Hawaii on the island of O'ahu now. I love it!
I am an ex-Brummie living (if you can call it that) in Tavira Portugal............
You can tell i'm a Brummie 'caus i've got a shamrock in me turban
I live in Belgium
The village is called Lembeke, in East-Flanders :p

Nice quiet place to live :) it's one of the less poluted areas of Belgium! ;)
I lived in Murray, UT. It is beautiful and has one of the best Parks and Recreation Departments in the State of Utah
I live in Bathgate in Scotland, a little town right between the two big cities, Edinburgh and Glasgow, meaning that our towns music scene is always buzzing with big Scottish bands from around Scotland playing in our clubs on tour etc. Gives upcoming bands such as mine a great chance to try and get recognized by supporting great Scottish bands such as The Xcerts and The Fire And I.
You asked so here it is:

1- California 1961-1979
2- Gulfport, MS 1979-1980
3- Diego Garcia, Indian Ocean (Gulfport, MS) 1980
4- Diego Garcia, Indian Ocean (Gulfport, MS) 1981
5- Sigonella, Sicily 1982-1983
6- California 1984 (most of the year)
7- Kansas 1984-1985 actually 15 months (suckedddddddddddd!!!) get the point
8- Florida January 1 1986 to Feb 1989----WOW great time great move!!
9- Northern Idaho 1989-1993
10- Oklahoma City, OK 1993-2005
11- Miami Beach, FL 2005-present.....................not leaving----KMA
I live in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Down south next to Argentina and Brazil.

Pretty nice place to live. Yesterday Queens Of The Stone Age performed here, and in March came Guns N' Roses.. But not many bands come often, we musicians cross to Buenos Aires to see the big shows. (Just 4-5 hours trip).