What's your latest purchase?


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Not drum related but still music:
Planet wave snakes TRS to TRS for the output of the Mackie to the headphone preamp, DB25 snake and 8 TRS on each side.
Some cables and adaptators
A second Mackie Onyx
A rack to mount the second Mackie Onyx
Two Primacoustic London Bass Trap, to begin with...Starting to treat the basement as it will be our recording place, the Den being the mixing room.
Pictures attached, all labelled and both Mackie's going into a Mackie Mixer combiner, to get 32 channels with 6 Aux send. Mackie A is for drums in the recording set up with room mics and Mackie B is for the rest of the band, I took all the preamp from the Den to record the drums...
Dbx gate 1074 on all Toms, Drawmer gate on the two Snares, bottom mics, DBX 1066 compressor on the two kick mics, inside and outside, UA LA 610 preamp on Main snare because it's my best preamp and there is a nice compressor too, Room mics directly into the Mackie, no compressor or gate, I prefers them to be clean.
MXL preamp MPAC-01 on OH, they have a compressor too after the Preamp and kick mic outside in preamp Chameleon Labs 7602, it has a nice EQ after the preamp.
Set up in attachment too.
Mackie Combiner:
So, I was busy these past 3 weeks!!!

Well, it could have been simplier to have a digital board but at the price I got the Mackie (350 Can$) and the fact that they are not in my budget these days and that I have already almost all the hardware, then, I went the hardware route.
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Pearl 10x5" Steel Firecracker
Remo 10" coated CS
Gibraltar HH felts (for the bottom cymbal)
Pearl HCW-90 Metal Washer (also for the HH bottom)

Been using my Tama Iron Cobra HH stand for 7 or 8 years now or so, but the felt is 'warped' and the bottom cymbal is always tilted to one side. Really annoying!
The felt was glued to the HH seat, so i had to carefully tear it off and reversed it. But it is still tilted, so going the remove the glue residue with a sharp knife, slap the metal washer on and put the new felt on. IMO a huge oversight by Tama for such an expensive HH stand. Should be way more easy to replace that felt.
Hope that this works, otherwise I'm afraid the HH rod might be bent and i need to replace that... :s

And can't wait to take he Firecracker for a spin Friday next week. Been more than a decade since i used a secondary snare!


I picked up another GMS Revolution snare. This one is Maple/Copper. It needed a little cleaning, new heads and wires. Sounds fantastic!



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Nothing exciting for you, but I am!
This week I changed the stock heads on my humble Imperialstar snare, and I decided it's time to start learning proper tuning, make use of the tune-bot that is mostly just collecting dust and more importantly develop an ear for what kind of sound I can make and what I (dis)like.

So hear we go:
New heads for the 3 toms, new batter for the bass drum, some moongel and different patches to experiment!
I went for the EMAD2 not because i necessarily need the muffling, just to (hopefully) understand how the sound changes in the different configurations!


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Had this 18x15 Yamaha Stage Custom bass for a while. Harder to find "older" Raven Black finish (that has the greenish hue to it). Found a 22, 10, 12, 16, 14 on eBay and pulled the trigger. Unfortunately, some of the hardware escaped the box (corner got torn). But got the 12 and 16 running and they're a perfect match with the 18. I can take my time getting the rest sorted.


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Today's haul:
14x7 Pork Pie maple snare, possibly cherry inner and outer plies -
DW 5000 AD2
PDP SS880 stand
Impact case for P.P. snare
-all in absolute mint except the case, for $250. I bought them from a local bass player who tried his hand at drumming.

Edit to add: I rec'd an email from Bill Detamore, this is a Cherry/Bubinga snare. Other info I found online says It's 4 outer plies of cherry and 4 inner plies of bubinga.
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How do you have it tuned?
Last night it was tuned very high and I had a wallet on there to temper that not-quite-good CS, but I've got it tuned sort of medium low and wide open with an Ambassador X and Yamaha DC hoops at home right now. Super fat and incredibly sensitive all the way around, and I've yet to find a range that makes it sound bad. Quite possibly the fattest 5x14 I've ever played.

EDIT: I put the CS back on with the Yamaha hoops and it sounds righteous. It got played in this configuration at Cygnus rehearsal yesterday:

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