What's your latest purchase?


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2 plies. I'll use single ply if I have to, just gotta be more delicate when using it though. Single ply is so much easier to puncture than a good double ply. JAW seems to be proper tension too. Seems no one is making clear. It's all hazy-white.
Made my day! :)
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2 pairs of Wincent Maple 5B's (going to try these out and see if i like them)
Strings and pics for guitar
Paiste PST-X 10" Swiss splash; going to stack with 10" Zildjian Oriental China Trash
Paiste PST-X 14" Flanger Crash; going to stack with 12" Meinl Filter China


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I found a killer deal on Reverb this morning for a 14 x 4.75” Noble and Cooley Alloy Classic snare with black diecast hoops , lugs and strainer . I had one of these on this size previously and I currently have the 6” depth model . I love these cast aluminum shells . They have such a nice thick attack .

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I bought this weekend a Roland TD-25 KV! My first electronic drumkit... It's not completely the same as acoustic, but I really like the sound!! Now I can also easily record my drumplaying.

This is my kit:
Unbeatable tools for playing along to music. (what drumming's all about IMO)