What's your latest purchase?


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How many plies?
2 plies. I'll use single ply if I have to, just gotta be more delicate when using it though. Single ply is so much easier to puncture than a good double ply. JAW seems to be proper tension too. Seems no one is making clear. It's all hazy-white.


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I bought this weekend a Roland TD-25 KV! My first electronic drumkit... It's not completely the same as acoustic, but I really like the sound!! Now I can also easily record my drumplaying.

This is my kit:

Local Oaf

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Picked up some Sabian AA 12” mini hats for my five-year-old’s kit. He had some 14” B8s but these are easier for him to manage and an upgrade tonally at the same time.

Jeremy Bender

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Paiste Signature 18" Dark Energy Crash - I've been dreaming of playing this rich dynamic beauty for awhile, this one tickled my ears and drew out the credit card.


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I picked up a 20" Meinl Byzance Sand Ride about a month ago. My first impression was that it was unique, but I wasn't sure I liked it enough to keep it. Then, I threw it on the stand for a musical, and it fit in to the mix SO well!


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I guess I'm in upgrade mode...

Starting from three weeks ago: got the 19" Paragon china just in the nick of time for the show for Neil, found a 20" HHX Complex Crash at the drum shop and took it home, picked up an AEA RPQ2 mic pre for use with my ribbon mics (and holy crap, it sounds so good; just need to sell those Phoenix pres now), a friend of mine gave me a '78 Rhodes Mark 1 Seventy-Three in lieu of monetary payment for some recording services (needs two tines and a sustain pedal, which are arriving tomorrow), then I sold some Audient mic pres and rolled those funds into an older Focusrite ISA 428.

...now to do stuff with all of it!