What's your latest purchase?

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How about a thread to celebrate and marvel at our newest purchases? I know I'll enjoy seeing yours.

Here's mine:

A mixed box of toys. Evans g2 over g1 coated for my yamaha kit, tight screws and trick quick release cymbal toppers.

A quick release hi hat drop clutch, some rods, some brushes, emperors for my saturn kit, and a 20" emad which could go on either of my 20'' kicks. Also a dw cowbell mount.

I'm so happy.

You must post pictures wherever possible.

Non drum related things are encouraged.


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Aww mate, I'm huge. Last of the big spenders, me.

On Saturday I splurged on a strap for my old Eliminator.

I decided after a couple of years tinkering/playing/re-tinkering/playing and then not playing until I decided to play again, with the Demon Drives, that I think I actually still prefer the feel of my old chain driven pedal. But instead of simplifying and stopping there, I thought I'd better check the strap out for good measure. So I laid down 20 Aussie dollars for the privilege, only to decide after a couple of hours later that the lighter feel was bordering on being a little too similar to the DD which I'd just walked away from in the first instance!!

So yeah, a humble strap for a lazy 20 bucks may not make it much in the 'latest purchase' stakes. But that's what I bought nonetheless. However unlike you, for the time being I remain unconvinced in my purchase.
Latest purchases (today) - 2,000 M4 x 10 flange button stainless steel dome hex screws, & a pair of Remo clear heads for a customer order (my trade price on Remo sucks compared to Evans). There, how boring is that!

I might just order 2 x chrome L arm tom brackets this afternoon. The excitement continues ;)
Wow, it's been a while... The latest purchase were those Axis Longboards (used).
I should really buy a cowbell (or two).

Latest DVDs I got: Claus Hessler - "Drumming Kairos", Mike Mangini - "The Grid".
Ah yes - Florian Alexandru-Zorn - "The Brush Revolution". Actually got that one for free, as a promo copy - I'll make a review soon.

(Most recent purchases in the 'other' music department: a cheapo 299 Euro 5-string bass, a 170 Euro boutique overdrive pedal. Lost an ebay auction for a nice semiacoustic tele yesterday, haha.)

Uploaded some pics - thanks Dre, that's too cool ;-)
That cheapo bass looks classy, doesn't it? Can't wait to get it the next few days. It's passive - I plan to use it for live/for rehearsals and don't want to bother with 9V batteries.
And that boutique overdrive pedal is actually pretty cheap if you consider the highly selected components and skills of Sebastian Kulik who built it (actually for himself - I bought the unit he wanted to keep for himself, it has more boost than the regular version and also the maximum options upgrade.)


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Got a 20" Zildjian Oriental crash of doom
20" Zildjian oriental China Trash
18" Sabian aax Stage crash
16" Sabian Aax Metal crash
12" Meinl Soundcaster custom splash
12" Meinl Classics China
7" Stagg Bell
9" LP ice bell
All for $390 delivered to my door!
Also just bought a Pearl reference Brass 14x5 Snare for $450!
Today the bay delivered unto me a UFIP 18" crash.

It had a workout during my lesson this evening.

Now I'm not going to want to buy anything for days...days I tell ya!

Mate, did you pay $160? If so that was the one I sold!
I just got the Gibraltar Ultra Adjust flat base stand for my tom.

This one has the plastic-y type grips, but they have a raised piece in the center, and it doesn't choke the tone. I'd prefer rubber, but for the positioning I'll just loosen it a touch.
This stand has put the tom in EXACTLY the spot I want, and EXACTLY the angle I want, without compromising anything else.

Haven't bought anything else lately, because, I'm after a Dunnett Classic 2N 6.5 Stainless Steel snare.
That's keeping all other GAS at bay. Have a few bumps in the road yet, but the "drum fund" is getting there :)

It's almost like I bought these things myself, I am enjoying your retail therapy with you!

You must post pictures wherever possible.

Non drum related things are encouraged.

They've done excellent things for a set of Oak Customs I use for rock/pop. They nicely roll off some of the bite of the oak but allow the low oak note to sustain nicely. Really great heads.
Just dropped a check in the mail last weekend for a Carolina Drumworks 7 X 13" Birdseye Maple snare drum.


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