What's your "day" job?


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After 22 year as an operations manager in telecom, I left and now have two jobs. I'm a Realtor and I teach guitar lessons a couple of days a week.


Writer and print content syndicator.


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I'm a contract software engineer, mostly in aerospace and medical device industries. If Dave Weckl is listening, I'm NOT stalking you! Well I AM, but not what you think. I happen to work jobs all over the US, and yes, when you're in town, I get tickets to come see you.

Alright truthfully, when you're within a few hours of driving distance:
Drum Fantasy Camp, Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ 2007
Eric Marienthal, Catalina Jazz Club, Santa Monica, CA 2008
Chick Corea Acoustic Band at University of Buffalo, NY 2018
Oz Noy at Jack London Review, Portland OR 2019


Chief data architect at a cannabis company. Ain't got jack to do with drumming. Oh, I also run a custom drum company on the side. A few decades ago was a touring pro musician, but had to quit after a bad accident. I did recover and I still play today, but I need a roadie to carry my drums now, but most won't work for what I can pay 'em.


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IT Support at a University. I'm the guy that has to hold back swearing multiple times a day at just how astonishingly stupid people can be. I quite like my job...


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im lucky and i make a decent living from playing drums with various bands, i also tech for bands and sometimes teach drums


AI Product and Project Management for a healthcare company. I work with a ton of smart people who's talent make my talent deficiencies disappear.

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I am a photographer primarily, i produce photos and video works. besides i write about music and scene of Nepal in print magazines of the same. Time and again I lend my hands in organizing events and management as well. I've had have managed a few bands here. thank you!