What's your "day" job?


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I'm a teacher in network technologies and IT Dept. Chairman for Dover Business College. It's a great job and I work with some great people. Oh yeah it nice making the student stress, part of the perks.


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Software Engineering Team Lead at ATI Technologies in Toronto Ontario. I work on multimedia accelerato chips for cellphones.

Casper "DrPowerStroke" Paludan

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I work part time at an apple store (complete computer nerd) and I attend community college!
Ahh, so maybe you can tell me why Quicktime 7 sound stutters on my machine everytime I try to watch drummerworld vids? It's driving me nuts...
Thanks in advance, DPS

Casper "DrPowerStroke" Paludan

I am an immunologist/cell biologist and I am a team leader in a pharmaceutical company where I work on stem cells. Adult stem cells, I should add. DPS


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I'm a student and hope to work in an advertising agency at the near future.
Now I'm working at the wear-shop [collecting money for new drum-kit ; ]


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I take care of chids after school, an some times i'm a school teacher.
And in the weekends i drive a big truck.
Thats was I do.


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I work in Major Works planning (repairs) for my local council.

I have an interview tomorrow for a Systems Admin job though :)


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I work for a training department and I spend all my time developing online multimedia training modules (video, animation etc.) ... it's fun!


I operate a power plant( Kinda like Homer but it's not nuclear)...


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I'm a junior high student and I dont have a job YET but I planning to get a job as a busboy at my local golf course/resteraunt


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I have been a practitioner and instructor of Kenpo Karate for 19 years now. Opened a school here in the sleepy little town of Bruce WI in 2002 and have been doing that ever since. As you can imagine I don't hold a lot of aggression, beating the crap out of students and beating the crap out of my drums. I'm too tired at the end of the day. Ciao Builder


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IT support specialist. I work for a Biotech compnay that manufactures drugs for schizophrenia, diabetes, and drug dependence. A job just like any other, I just get more toys to play with.