Whats the science of head tone?

so if i want the warm tone of a coated head, should i be putting coated on beater and reso?....i know it is said that your tone comes from the reso head but...if i'm looking for an overall warmer tone (say on my toms) then should i be putting a clear on the reso or go with coated? i guess i just always thought the beater, being coated, would magically give me the more warm sound but....i'm not exactly keen on the whole science of the head.



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Drums make just as much as a difference too. so does mic set up.

but you really have to experiment. I notice on my tama set( really crappy one ) that having an ambassador coated on the bottom of an emperor coated gives it a nice warm thud and a good deep overtone. I think a clear reso would make it more open and more punchy.

this probably persists with most coated drum heads.

I barely know anything about drum heads so you will see me a lot asking here on the head and stick forums.


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A thinner, clear head will be "warmer" but won't necessarily sound warmer. Let me explain...

The coated heads or thicker heads dampen overtones, usually most of the mids and highs. This leaves you with mostly deep and warm frequencies. This is why it sounds warmer. However, a clear or thin head resonates more freely, and can produce a warm sound more easily, but also produces more overtones. This is why a thin or clear head can sound more open and bright, because the deeper and warmer frequencies are lost in the overtones, whether good or bad.

If you go coated on top and bottom, you will get a dull sound, but it will have the warm and round sound you're looking for. I would suggest keeping a clear head on bottom and going for a coated emperor on top.