What's a vehicle you love but it's just a terrible vehicle to own?


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Limited riding season and they are money pits......ride, wrench, replace, repeat.....insurance, permits......I could go on.
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I want a Sprinter so badly, but it’s ridiculous on a day to day use.
One of the guys I play music with has one. He said he was debating between a larger bus to tour in and a sprinter. He said he could have gotten a few buses he found cheaper than a sprinter, but when it came to gas mileage, tires, and maintenance, the sprinter won out. It is a really nice ride. Heck, anytime I get to ride with someone instead of drive is a privilege.

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I want a Sprinter so badly, but it’s ridiculous on a day to day use.
It’s incredible for hauling bulky-but-light stuff like drums, and loading in-and-out is a breeze, because you can literally stand up inside them. Are they really that bad in other ways?
Sprinters are great until they break down. I was looking at Sprinters but my mechanic talked me out of it. Models with the Mercedes drivetrain are expensive to repair and prone to frequent break downs. For a much better alternative look at the large Ford Transit vans. Really dependable vehicles. One negative with any tall van is you can't pull into multi-level parking lots because of the roof height. You also can't go through most drive through restaurant lanes for the same reason. Insurance is higher. Also there is an awful lot of real estate to wash and wax. But on the plus side there's plenty of cargo space and it's nice to be able to stand up and walk through the entire interior. It's also easy to customize the cargo bay to your exact needs.

I ended up with the Transit extended body Connect Cargo Van (smallest model). Best vehicle I have ever owned. It does everything I need it to do.