Whatcha Reading Right Now?

Neal Pert

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I'm reading Nick Cave's new book, Faith, Hope, and Carnage. It's a remarkable book that centers on themes of profound grief (Cave has had two sons die), songwriting, God/faith, and living with purpose after the annihilation that comes with the loss of a child. It's a courageous and beautiful book and it's become something of a survival manual for me.


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Just finished Cormac McCarthy's latest novel, The Passenger. I am a big fan and have read all his other works. Unfortunately, this one doesn't even make the top five. McCarthy fans will enjoy it for what it is, but the uninitiated should start with No Country For Old Men, The Road, Child of God, or even Blood Meridian (his best IMO).
Blood Meridian is one of the bleakest books I've ever read haha. Made the mistake of reading it on holiday. I felt mentally violated when i finished it.


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Just powered through N.K. Jemison's Broken Earth Trilogy. Highly suggest it if you like the fantasy/afrofuturism genre and have an affinity for stories that err on the side of emotionally heavy.

Currently still wrapping up The Inner Game of Music. Learning a lot about my brain with that one.

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Rock and a Heart Place by Ken Mansfield. A close friend gifted me this book in November. Interesting read.
Days after receiving it I learned that the author had suddenly passed away.

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The Uses of Adversity - Timothy Garton Ash

Any journalist black-listed and denied entry by the Communist regimes of East Germany , Czechoslovakia and Poland in the later 1980's is, to me , worth reading these days .
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